Wicked Wednesday: Secret Pleasures

Corporate Secrets

He reached around behind himself and dabbed the lube on his asshole, and then smeared what was left on his fingers on the prostate massager in his other hand. Again, his arm snaked around behind him and with a deep breath he slipped it into his ass, the head nesting up against his button. Closing his eyes, Tom did a few quick kegels and sighed at the sensation deep inside him.

He quickly pulled up his boxers and then buttoned his pants, stepping out of the stall into the bathroom. His boss Eric was standing at the sink, rinsing his hands in the cheap, shitty smelling pink soap that corporate insisted on buying.

“So Tom, is that model ready for the meeting with the Japanese investors?” Eric queried.

For a few seconds, Tom was lost. The piece of firm silicone pressing into his prostate was the only thing he could focus on until he forced himself to think about that stupid project. The head of the Yohirimo firm had commissioned the social media corporation where Tom worked to design a new logo, as well as a custom font for all of their international correspondence.

“Yes sir. I sent you an e-mail about it this morning, but I’ve got seven different sample logos and 3 potential fonts ready for them…. Will they be here today?”

Eric wiped his hands and grinned. “Tom, we’ve still got 3 days, but I knew I could trust you with this!” and then stuck his hand out for a handshake.

“Shit! I’ve still got lube on my hand!”

He stepped past Eric to get to the sink quickly, and rinsed his hands, avoiding the awkward moment when the boss would have wondered what the fuck was all over his hand.

He turned, and ran his hands through the weird air squeegee (another stupid corporate insistence… cheap soap, but let’s spend a grand on a fucking hand dryer) and then turned and shook Eric’s hand before they both walked out of the bathroom and back to their offices.

Tom sat down at his desk and fumbled through his pocket looking for his flash drive. The IT department had put a weird firewall on the network, blocking everything but company resources and Google, but the IT guy liked Tom’s ass and gave him a USB drive that could bypass the firewall in just a few seconds. He grinned as he plugged it in and ground his ass cheeks against the chair; the massager prodding him gently just where he needed it.

The stealth browser on the USB drive popped up and with a few clicks Tom was back on the porn site he loved…. big beautiful women fucking men with strap-ons. It wasn’t one of those sites where the women treated the guys like shit, but instead one where they almost lovingly guided huge hunks of silicone into the men’s waiting asses, and then pounded them relentlessly while stroking them off.

He was looking through the galleries when he saw her… It was Lisa! The same Lisa he had met when he was in San Diego for the corporate conference several months ago, the very same woman who had first shoved a finger in his ass while blowing him in the storage room at Searsucker.

Instantly, his cock was engorged, straining against the cotton of his boxers. He scooted his ass towards the front of the chair, and started tracing his fingers over his package and kegeling… thinking about the way she had insisted they go for a ride when dinner was over. She had hailed a taxi, and got the driver to take them to Ruocco Park. As they pulled up, she hurriedly had paid the man and then pulled Tom from the taxi in a frantic rush. They walked a little way down the sidewalk before she tugged him into the bushes just a few feet from the street.

“Tom, I’m going to suck your fucking cock again…. but before you cum, I’m going to ride your face and you are going to lick my clit. I won’t let you cum until I’ve been satisfied, and if you don’t make me cum…. “

She pushed him up against a tree and dropped to her knees before rubbing her face on his crotch, absolutely enthralled with the way his dick was growing harder against the zipper. Cradling his balls, she yanked at the zipper and his rod popped through the front of his boxers and right out into her face.

Tom sighed as her soft lips, layered with a dark, blood red lipstick opened and enveloped just the tip of his cock. He was swimming in an ocean of endorphins as Lisa flicked her tongue over the head, paying special attention to the underside of his cock. Then, without warning she took it all. He almost lost it as she pushed her own head further down, her tongue hanging out from under his steel hard shaft and rubbing his balls as she began to pull back. Again and again, she took him all deep into her mouth, his crown rubbing the back of her throat as she worked.

“God damnit Lisa…. your mouth is so fucking hot.. You are going to make me cum baby.”

and she stopped. She withdrew Tom’s hard cock from her mouth and then tugged him to the ground, lifting her skirt as she frantically pushed him onto his back. Her cunt was already swollen with need, and her thighs had grown slippery as she sucked and lapped at his cock. She straddled his face, and he couldn’t help but notice the little gold ring hanging from her clit right before she lowered her soaked pussy onto his mouth.

Motherfucker, she was sweet… tangy, but sweet. As he ran his tongue up her slit, and flicked it over her clit she ground down into his face, her hips rocking and pushing her thick ass downward onto him. One hand was up her blouse, tweaking her nipples and the other was wrapped tightly around the base of his hard cock. Overcome with lust, she swallowed him whole yet again and just kept grinding her soaked twat onto his tongue.

Then Tom heard a knock at the door, and he quickly sat up straight in his chair and jerked the flash drive out of the computer. He hoped his office didn’t smell like cock as he gathered what he could of his thoughts before answering.

“Yeah, you can come on in!”

Eric opened the door, and stepped in.

“Tom, it looks like the Japanese investors want to meet up with us and the San Francisco office. San Fran has been working on the new website for them, and they’d like to have us all in one place to address concerns. We’ll be going to San Diego next week.”

Tom nearly fainted…. (to be continued)