We-Vibe Pivot review

Cock rings aren’t exactly meant to be technologically advanced, but when it comes to We-Vibe, you already know that they’re going to jizz up the old schools sex toys with a fun little vibrator. You’ve pretty much already found out what the Pivot is all about, it’s a luxury cock ring that can rumble like a truck. Let’s get into the specifics down below.

The Packaging

We-Vibe Pivot pack

What you get in the We-Vibe Pivot pack

Most of you probably don’t care what the box of a sex toy even looks like; you probably just toss it out the window right after taking out the toy out the box. But, we do care about the packaging and to be fairly honest, the packaging of the Pivot leaves a lot to be desired.

On the exterior, there’s a picture of the toy along with the name of manufacturers and the model of the toy. We don’t exactly know why the box has a picture of a really cool looking yellow and green cock ring when the actual product is just boring old blue.

The contents of the box include the following:

  • The We-Vibe Pivot
  • Charging cable
  • User Manual
  • Small Pack of We-Vibe Lube


We-Vibe Pivot charger and phone compatability

We-Vibe Pivot charger and phone compatability

By definition, it is a cock ring. However, this cock ring won’t do too much to make you last long. The strong vibrations will force you AND her to end pretty damn early. That’s the beauty of this cock ring. You won’t be lasting that long, but the time you do will be absolutely amazing. Apart from that, the orgasm is going to be equally explosive for both you and your woman. This cock ring also has a clitoral vibrator just so your female friend doesn’t feel left out.

Other than that, the vibrator has a long list of intensities and vibration modes. But, the best part is the We-Vibe application that can be hooked up to this beast. Pivot doesn’t use button or remote to control the device, instead, it let’s you orgasm with your phone, how cool is that? The We-Connect allows you to shuffle through the different vibration setting and allows you to create custom vibrations at the same time.


We-Vibe Pivot

We-Vibe Pivot

The material of this cock ring is what really separates it from other products in the market. It’s not your average irritating plastic ring nor your cold steel one. The ring is made of pure silicone and it’s the most silkiest, smoothest and satisfying silicone We-Vibe could get their hands on. The material is completely body-safe, phthalates-free and non-porous; meaning that neither you or your partner need to be afraid of mixing up body fluids while using this toy in couples play.

Final Thoughts

The We-Vibe Pivot is pretty far away from being the most perfect toy in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a buy. Let us clarify, it’s not perfect, but its still one of the best cock rings you could get your hands on. So, if you’ve gotten tired of those regular cock rings, definitely give this little toy a ride.