But Wait, There’s Even More! (Erotica)

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Christina tried the knob, but the door was locked so she retreated to the kitchen to finish cooking. She heard the pipes in the old house creak in the walls as he turned the shower on and giggled to herself. She flipped the heat under the little pan back on as she took a swig of his orange juice before sauntering to the sink and turning the hot water on full blast. The pipes in the old house were a mess, and turning on the hot water in the kitchen meant the water in the bathroom would go ice cold.

“FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK!” Eduard screamed as he tried to stay out of the stream of freezing water.

He’d never understood why she had to do such silly things, but she always made it up to him. A few moments later he saw steam rising from the water again and stepped back into the flow to finish rinsing his body. Once clean he stepped out and grabbed a towel; He wrapped it around his waist before kicking his clothes into the corner and going back to the kitchen.

Christina was sitting there eating her eggs and bacon as if nothing had happened, but her smirk betrayed her. Eduard sat down and took a bite of his eggs before staring at her for a moment. It was driving her absolutely insane that he hadn’t mentioned her little stunt yet, and he knew it.

“You alright darling?” he queried, watching her expression contort.

She finally burst into laughter like a teenager while simultaneously apologizing for freezing him in the shower. She stood and walked around the table to him before giving him a few soft kisses and scooting his chair out from the table.

“Keep eating Eddy” she said to him, dropping to her knees between his legs.

Christina tugged at the towel and let it fall open. She kissed up the inside of his thighs before exhaling over the head of his cock; one hand cupping his balls as she kissed the shaft.

“You can have my food baby…. I want this….” She trailed off, flicking her tongue over his quickly stiffening rod.

He spread his thighs more for her and she settled in, ready to suck his cock until he filled her mouth with hot cum. Christina grabbed the base of his member and took just the head in her mouth, squeezing with her hand as her tongue circled around and over the crown of his dick.

“Damnit, baby girl..” Eduard sighed.

A quick pop to the stomach with her free hand and he took another bite. He knew she would stop if he didn’t play by her rules and he was perfectly fine with eating bacon while getting a blowjob. He ran a hand through her hair as she started sucking on him and she took his rod as far back in her mouth as she could before she started gagging. She paused for a moment and looked up into his eyes before taking his cock in her mouth again.