Vstroker Review

The world has moved far away from those day where we had to rent out porn DVDs from the adult section of a DVD store. Things are a lot different these days and the sex toy industry is taking quite well to these technological advancements and evolving as a whole. A good example is this product that we’re about to review right now. The VStroker is more like a modern day cutting-edge device as compared to a sex toy. If normal sex toys are a Prius, then this thing is a Rolls Royce.

So, basically, VStroker is an interactive sex toy; fleshlight to be exact, design to provide the most immersive virtual sex experience humanly possible at an affordable price. It’s basically the closest you’re ever going to get to having sex with Sasha Grey or someone from that line of work. This probably seems a bit too sketchy, allow us to explain let us explain.

VR and Fleshlights – How Does that Even Work?

We’re going to really simplify it so people can really get how this thing works. There’s two parts of this device. The first is the average fleshlight. There’s nothing too special about it; normal fleshlight, decent material, feels amazing without all the tech included and could be used to masturbate on its own. However, the real tech is in the second part which is a small cap-like sensor installed at the base of the fleshlight. This is where the magic really happens. This sensor records the movement of the fleshlight and sends these signals to a USB receiver connected to your laptop or computer that’s streaming on the VStroker website. The sensor and the receiver also have amazing connectivity. You won’t have to spend extra time struggling with the Bluetooth and figuring out why the toy keeps disconnecting as you have to with other wireless products.

  • The V-Stroker device is relatively affordable in terms of high tech virtual sex systems.
  • It is compatible with the classic Fleshlight case in each color except clear. (for some models you can buy an extra addon to make it work)
  • It includes 2 full-length videos for free.
  • Fleshlight Girls lineup and the Electric Sleeve Warmer can give you an amazing close to real experience.
  • It comes with a free 14-day subscription to the manufacturer’s Member Area which allows for a more customized experience.
  • It is used wirelessly to provide for a more liberating and passionate session.
  • The downloadable content features dozens of hotties, from well-known porn stars to up-and-coming amateurs who are giving it all they got.
  • Used frequently with the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit and special training content it can make you into the beast! Skip this is if you can last for 20 minutes

The Website

Now that the sensor is sending all that good stuff to your computer, what do you do with it? VStroker has it’s very own adult content website with literally thousands of videos of the very best in the world of porn. However, before you purchase this toy, we’d like to tell you that if diversified porn is what you’re looking for, you won’t find it with VStroker. Their library is immense but, its filled with white women having sex with white guys. Not exactly a deal-breaker, but something you should definitely know beforehand.

Your fleshlight is connected to the website and as you start stroking the device harder, it changes the current video according. To make it simpler, as you start reaching climax, the girl on the website will also be doing the same. And, this is the true beauty of the VStroker.


If you’re looking for a non-hi-tech fleshlight that works well, check out the Fleshlight Pink Lady.

To purchase the Vstroker go to vstroker.com.