Vixen Creations Mustang Review

As I’ve said with my other Vixen reviews, I reached out to them in hopes of getting some of their highly praised products to review. They graciously sent out the Vixskin Raquel and the Silver Gemstones Anal Beads, as well as the Vixskin Mustang:

So damn realistic!

What Is The Vixen Creations Mustang?

The Mustang is a realistic dildo made of Vixen’s proprietary Vixskin silicone. Vixskin is some magical silicone… It has the give of real flesh and once warm (and wet) it feels real.  It is also perfectly anal safe and harness compatible:

Vixskin feels so real in fact, that when warm and lubed up… that the Mustang feels like I’m holding a completely numb version of my own cock in my hand.

How Big Is The Vixen Creations Mustang?

This crazily realistic dildo measures in at a slightly above average size (in comparison to people, as opposed to other toys) of 6.5 inches of insertable silicone. It’s also 1.5 inches thick (which is spot on for “average” human endowment).

As far as size… it’s average, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

How Do I Take Care Of The Vixen Creations Vixskin Mustang?

Cleaning The Mustang:

To clean it, you can use hot soapy water or by boiling it for 3 minutes (keep it off of the sides and bottom of the pan, where the temps are higher). I recommend staying away from other cleaning options with Vixskin per Vixen’s instructions.

Lubes For Vixen Mustang:

As usual, water based lubes are perfectly acceptable. Oils should be perfectly fine, but should be kept away from female genitalia. Silicones are a no-no. They can degrade the material, which you wouldn’t want to risk on something this expensive.

Storing Mustang:

The Vixskin Mustang is another one of Vixen’s toys that comes in a wonderful little storage tube:

Simple, but effective (I copied this pic from my Gemstones Review)

You could also toss it in with your other toys, or in the nightstand drawer… but the Vixskin formulation of silicone is soft. The tube will protect it from things stored nearby (such as sharp objects or less than safe materials).

My Experience With The Mustang

I’m still just in awe at how similar to real skin Vixskin feels, but the lack of firmness

turns out to be an issue for me yet again. For something to hit my prostate and provide the feeling I really enjoy it either has to have a strong curve OR be rigid enough for me to angle it to hit my prostate. The Mustang has a slight curve to it, but not enough to hit the right spot, and is just soft enough to aggravate me while trying to get prostate play in.

For stimulation of the nerves in the sphincter though, it excels. The softness that ruins this toy for prostate play makes it feel pretty damn nice for butthole stim, especially when the veins and coronal ridge are taken into account.

Crazily realistic, isn’t it?

Overall Opinion (TL;DR) Of The Vixen Mustang

The Vixen Creations Mustang is good, but in my opinion could be improved upon.

This is a tough one for me. It’s a great toy, and I can see how it would be pretty damn wonderful for female bodied folks. It even feels great in my butthole… but it doesn’t provide the stimulation for me to recommend it as a dildo good for prostate play. It’s a great size for just about anyone serious about penetration (except for maybe the folks that go nuts for size… which there is nothing wrong with!) and soft enough to be more forgiving than a lot of the silicone dildos out there. It is fairly pricey, hitting the $100 mark… but it comes with an unbeatable  lifetime warranty. If you’ve had issues with toys being too firm, it is certainly worth a shot!

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