Vibratex Black Pearl Prostate Massager Review

I’ve been remarkably bad at getting in touch with companies lately to arrange for new things to review, but I’ve got a few items just waiting to be used. I’ve had the Black Pearl by Vibratex for a while thanks to the good folks over at Good Vibes. They sent it out in exchange for an unbiased review, so… Here we are.

About The Vibratex Black Pearl Prostate Massager:

  • Silicone outer- meaning it’s phthalate free and nonporous
  • Rigid inner body- Your butt hole won’t absorb as much of the vibrations, so you’ll get more stimulation internally.
  • USB Rechargeable- Comes with a micro US wall plug, but can be plugged into any powered USB port
  • Water Resistant- The Black Pearl is billed as showerproof and splashproof, but shouldn’t be submerged.
  • Carrying Bag- The Vibratex Black Pearl comes with a faux leather zippered carrying bag

Vibratex Black Pearl Size Info:

The Black Pearl is one of the smallest diameter prostate massagers I’ve encountered. The thickest insertable portion is only 1 inch thick…. I sincerely believe anyone interested in anal play can handle it. As far as length, the total insertable length is 3.5 inches long. The Black Pearl should is long enough that is should (more on this in the experience section) be able to stimulate anyone’s prostate, but all bodies are different!

Controlling the Black Pearl is simple… You’ve got one button that you press to turn it on, roll through the patterns, and turn it off. No crazy retinal scanners or DNA samples needed. Pressss the button.

Vibratex Black Pearl Care Information

Cleaning the Vibratex Black Pearl:

Soapy water on a wet rag is fine, as is wiping it down with toy cleaner or a 10% bleach solution. Whatever you do, don’t submerge it. It could fry the electronics inside and then you’re gonna have a bad time.

For clarification- Rinsing is okay. Submerging is not. Use your brainal lobes.

Charging The BP Prostate Massager:

Plug the USB charger cord into a powered USB port and then cram the other end in the toy like so:

Once it’s charged completely, the little red light goes off.

Lubing The Vibratex Black Pearl:

Water based lubes as usual are perfectly fine for your hole of choice. If you are getting into some booty work, then you can definitely grab your oil based lubes of choice but keep them out of any vagina that might be laying around the room.

Storing The Black Pearl:

It comes with a synth leather storage pouch! You won’t have to fight the Manta Diablo to get it back, nor will trackers hunt you in the night for it. Just clean it up (and I’d charge it before stowing it away) and toss it in the pouch. Then put the pouch wherever your pretty (or not) little heart desires.

My Experience With The Black Pearl

After some USPS stupidity, I finally had the Black Pearl here. I unboxed it and tossed it on the charger for.. 5 or 6 hours? I don’t really time these things.

I broke one of my rules when I agreed to even review this particular toy.. I try not to read reviews of products until I’ve formed my own opinion but prior to lining this review up I hadn’t even heard of the Black Pearl. The review I read was over at The Big Gay Review, where Dave and his husband both liked the Black Pearl a lot.

When I first turned this impish device on I was blown away. There is a LOT of power in the head of this thing… more than I’ve felt out of some bigger products.

It should be noted that there are multiple facets to consider here:

The vibrations are out and out buzzy. The Black Pearl is redeemed by the fact that the buzzy vibrations are coming from a vibration motor in the head of the toy, on top of a slim and rigid neck. Where most prostate vibes transmit just the smallest bit of vibration internally, the Black Pearl transmits substantially more.

With three vibration strengths (low, medium, high) and four different patterns, it took me a while to roll through them and find the ones I liked the most. The most powerful continuous vibration is pretty awesome because it keeps me constantly aware of m prostate. This is a great thing.

The four patterns are:

  • Wave- The pattern starts from no vibration and builds to high power before coasting back down to nothing, over and over.
  • Pulse- Exactly what it sounds like. The vibe motor pulses on and off.
  • Stutter Pulse- Two (or three.. so fast it’s hard to tell.) rapid pulses followed by one longer one, repeating.
  • Stair step Drop- Rolls through the different speeds slowly before dropping back to low and repeating

Of the four, it’s a toss up between the Pulse and Stair step patterns. The Pulse is like being pushed to the high point of a roller coaster and then rolled back to the station and the Stair step is like being pushed over a straight drop over and over. Both are great, but very different.

I was absolutely pleased with how well the Vibratex Black Pearl stayed in place… Most slim toys are forcefully shot from my body, but the BP stayed in until orgasm where it only slightly began to slip loose. The rigid neck and shape of the Black Pearl means it doesn’t press on my prostate on it’s own, which makes the shape of the head seem like it’s just there for show. I didn’t feel any specific prostate sensations, but it still felt really good.

I didn’t feel any specific prostate sensations, but it still felt really good.

Final Opinion Of The Vibratex Black Pearl



Power Type:

USB Rechargeable


Depends on store, over $75

I love the Black Pearl. It’s strong, rechargeable, and easy to care for.

All things considered, I think the Black Pearl is a great prostate massager. I feel it should be something someone considers after trying a few less expensive toys to see if they’ll really enjoy prostate and butt play, but is one of the strongest butt vibes I’ve encountered. The buzzy nature of the vibrations will be annoying for some, but I welcome strong vibes in any form up my butt.

Grab Your Black Pearl From Good Vibes!