Some “Unsuccessful” Erotica By A Man

After a lot of pressure from a very good friend, I’ve decided to share something with you. Bear with me here because I know the grammar isn’t always perfect and for this chunk in particular, I did a lot of unnecessary jumping around. I’ve got several more days of this in store and am actively writing more so hit the subscribe button if you like it (or follow my RSS feed)!

 She cinched the blindfold down over his eyes and checked the straps holding him to the chair. As her hands slipped over his ankles he groaned, delighting in the softness of her caress.

“If you cum before I allow it, I’m going to turn you over and blister your ass.” Christina said while leaning forward for one last kiss.

 It had been months of work to get Eduard to agree to being tied down, to giving up control if even for a little while. He had been standoffish at first, to the point of being rude. No one had ever had more control in a situation than Eduard… Life had assured that he learned out to keep calm under pressure and that he always had a firm grasp on the situation.

 She started with something innocuous and asked him if she could shave his face. Even that simple request threw Eduard into a tirade but after a week of arguing he finally relented, realizing that it would be easier to let her shave him than to continue grating at each other. Over the next few weeks it progressed and before long she had pushed so far as to even be allowed to drive his hard earned car.

“Hold still or things will get very uncomfortable.” she whispered.

 She was dragging a paintbrush that had been dipped in ice water down his chest leaving the slightest wet trail… Never more than an inch or so at a time, and always starting in a different area. Eduard was struggling to remain still as the delicate touch of the brush surprised him each time. Every stroke, every redip of the brush driving him deeper into his own mind. He had no idea what was in store for him.

 The night Christina had driven his car for the first time was a huge stepping stone. Eduard wasn’t the type to share his things, even with the women that had drifted through his life. He had worked from the age of fifteen to earn each and everything he had, starting as a bag boy in the supermarket on the edge of the neighborhood and now managing a small tech startup. He wasn’t rich, but he was comfortable and had decided to never let anything take that comfort or the control he exerted over his life away.

“Don’t make a sound now…” Christina growled at him.

  The first drop stung like hell. The second was less painful and by the third Eduard was lost in his own mind. Christina had grabbed the candle on a whim and hadn’t been sure she’d even use it until she noticed the flickering light casting fleeting shadows across the room. She tilted the candle and traced the glistening lines from the paintbrush, the stark contrast of the heat rocking Eduard to his core.

 He heard her blow the candle out and then the smell of smoke flooded his nostrils. He coughed at the smell and then his body stiffened… Christina was dragging her nails lightly up the inside of his calves.

“Do you like that… Do you like the way my nails feel on your skin?” Christina asked, digging her nails in a bit with her rhetorical question.

“Don’t… stop.” Eduard growled, his body straining against the tethers holding him in place.

 His cock had grown stiff some time ago, Christina’s every touch driving him mad with lust. He sighed as he realized his struggle for freedom was futile.

 Eduard’s mind drifted back to the night they had met, almost a year ago. Christina’s tire had went flat in the street in front of the office where Eduard worked and she had pulled the old beamer into the parking lot. It was quitting time and when Eduard walked out he noticed the unfamiliar car.

 He tossed his coat in the seat of his own car and walked over to check it out and found Christina stooping down tightening up the last lug nut, her thighs only just covered by the skirt she had on.

“Need some help?” Eduard asked, his eyes fixated on fleshy thighs.

“Nope! I just finished… Not hard to change a tire.” Christina smirked, turning to see Eduard standing there as she wiped her brow and left a trail of black smeared across her forehead.

 She was so disheveled, her outfit covered in parking lot grime and dirt, but she was still smiling. Eduard was shocked and introduced himself.

“So… you’re a mess, but look like you could use a drink.” Eduard smirked, hoping she’d take the offer.

“Well, I was headed to meet a date… I don’t think showing up an hour late will work for him. Mind if I go change?” asked Christina.

 The two of them exchanged numbers and met a few hours later for drinks and had met a few times a week since, becoming lovers along the way.

“Oh fuck…” Eduard groaned, his cock flinching as Christina’s nails slipped up his inner thighs.

 She trailed her crimson nails over his balls before gripping his shaft, his whole body stiffening to her touch.