The Ultimate Guide To Prostate Pleasure Review

The Ultimate Guide To Prostate Pleasure Review

The Ultimate Guide To Prostate Pleasure Review

The quick foreword applies here: Cleis Press sent this book out in exchange for a free unbiased review. That being said, they reached out to me because I’m a prostate play fanatic, and I thank them for the opportunity to read the book!

About The Ultimate Guide To Prostate Pleasure

The Ultimate Guide To Prostate Pleasure was written by Charlie Glickman and Aislinn Emirzian to “offer men erotic pleasure beyond what they imagined possible”, and is chock full of how-to type bits, techniques for trust and opening communication with your partner, information about improving and maintaining prostate health, and all sorts of other tiplets.

Admittedly, I had a strong desire to pick the book up before they reached out to me about it, so I jumped at the chance.

It features tag lines like “Discover the power and pleasure of the P-Spot”, and does a pretty spectacular job of covering everything.. with chapters ranging from
“Real Men Don’t” (<— fucking awesome, btw: It covers the bullshit attitude of
“oh I can’t do this because I’m a man, and so much more.) to
“The Sexy Prostate” and everything in between (hygiene tips,
safer sex practices, toys… they left NOTHING out) it really will answer all of your questions
and more.

My Opinion Of The Ultimate Guide To Prostate Pleasure

Confession time: There was no way I could read this book cover to cover like a work of fiction, as to me it is just like an encyclopedia of prostate information.  At times, it can be really boring but I didn’t expect it to be an edge of the seat thriller. It’s informative, and does a wonderful job of using medical terms often but not sounding overly clinical. (It’s not all medical anatomical terms, and there are even injections of humor sprinkled throughout.)

I was very pleased to read something about prostate play that wasn’t just a regurgitation of the same information that is available everywhere else, and the presentation is wonderful As a whole, the guide does a fan-fucking-tastic job of addressing worries, including those about making a mess, being gay (If you enjoy anal play, that doesn’t mean you are gay… and there’s nothing wrong with being gay anyway.)

I don’t really know what to say that hasn’t been said in Property Of Potter’s Review of The Ultimate Guide To Prostate Pleasure, because she went super in depth and touched on everything.

I have but one major complaint here, and that is that the guide does repeat some things to the point of overkill. I can handle it though in that the other information that I didn’t know (I consider myself an amateur-expert) about the prostate is totally worth the redundancy.

Final Word On The Ultimate Guide To Prostate Pleasure

I recommend this book to anyone that is into, getting into, or even just curious about prostate play. It’s under 20 bucks, and I PROMISE YOU, the first prostate orgasm a man has is worth well more than that easily. Give it a shot!

(One more confession: I’m not using any affiliate links in this review because I don’t want a penny from this book. I just want you to buy it and have awesome orgasms… so doooo it!)

You can pick The Ultimate Guide To Prostate Pleasure up directly from Cleis Press by following the linky, as well as being able to hop to most e-book sales sites from the Cleis Press page to pick it up in digital format.