Tenga Flip Hole Review

We’ve reviewed quite a few different fleshlights. And, this is just a really different type of fleshlight that took a few of the really common problems people face with a fleshlight and completely eliminated them with it’s flip hole technology. Without any delay, let’s get into this piece of beauty called the Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator.


Nothing too much to say about the packaging of this toy. It comes in a simple white tube, similar to the tubes you find tennis balls in. Inside the box, there’s a user manual along with three different types of lubes; Mild, Wild, Real. Mild is really thick, Wild is thin and Real can be categorized somewhere in the middle there.

Discreet Design

At the first glance, you won’t even figure out that this is an actual sex toy. Once the cap covers the opening of the fleshlight, it’s in total disguise. Even if someone grabs it up to investigate, they’ll think it’s some sort of Bluetooth speaker or maybe something like Alexa, way before they suspect it to be a sex toy. So, it’s great for folks that don’t exactly have the highest level of privacy.

The Flip Hole

The Flip Hole is where the actual beauty of this toy is. This is probably one of the only fleshlights in the world that can be split into two halves. They don’t split off completely; the two halves are still connected to the base.

This Flip Hole tech makes the toy so much easier to use. The first benefit of the flip comes up when you’re lubing up the toy. It’s difficult to apply lube evenly in your fleshlight. Most people just end up filling the area around the insertion point with lube and leaving the area ahead completely empty. With Tenga, you can open up the toy and make sure every crevice has an even amount of lube spread out.

The second benefit is cleaning. Properly cleaning and disinfecting your fleshlight can be a nightmare, but with Tenga, it’s just a small nuisance. You can easily open up the toy, clean out the juices, disinfect with an anti-bacterial and leave it out to dry. It’s a bit difficult to explain this way. But, if you clean a regular fleshlight and then the Tenga, you’ll notice the significant change.

The Variety

Unlike other fleshlights, this toy doesn’t just come in one type. There’s four different colors; Red, White, Black, Silver. However, the color isn’t the only thing different in these toys. The internal structures are also different from one another. So, if you get bored with the white Tenga, just grab the black one and you’ll have a brand new toy.

Apart from the amazing design, this toy is incredible at giving you that big O. The internal structures are so well-designed that stroking your penis inside could sometimes be totally overwhelming. It’s not designed to mimic a vagina like other fleshlights, it’s meant to give you that big O and that’s exactly what it does.

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