Tantus T-Rex Review

As per usual: Tantus sent out the T-Rex free, in exchange for a review.

What is the Tantus T-Rex?

Quite simply: T-Rex is a HUGE dildo designed for use with harnesses. It is just barely the biggest thing dildo I own now, but this thing is a BEHEMOTH of Tantus silicone goodness. T-Rex isn’t for the faint of heart:

I feel a disclaimer is necessary for this Tantus T-Rex: Don’t buy this if you don’t know you can handle it. It is huge and could injure you if you try to force it.

What is T-Rex made of?

Tantus T-Rex is made of 100% body safe platinum cure silicone. No phthalate toxins, no allergens, no jelly bullshit. Just a LARGE hunk of pure, firm, silicone. I mean FIRM.

How does the Tantus T-Rex look?

Honestly? It looks like Metis and the Tantus gang sat down thinking “Hey, all of the size royalty out there (new readers: Size royalty refers to people who prefer LARGE toys) need safe silicone toys too!”

And then they did what Tantus does, and went fucking nuts. They poured this shimmery purple silicone

in a huge mold, and upon demolding they had an opus to orifice onslaught.
(It’s also available in black for you color discriminating folks)

How does the T-Rex feel?

It’s a firm silicone that can be a bit draggy in different parts of the toy. The base is super flexible so that it can be put in a harness (or a handy sex stool) and then rode or power stroked until all involved parties are spent.

How do you care for it?


  • boil it, if you can keep it off of the sides of the pan
  • toss it on the top rack of the dishwasher
  • toy cleaner
  • hot water and antibacterial soap
  • 10% bleach solution


  • Water based lubes won’t ever cause an issue here
  • Oil based lubes SHOULD be okay with Tantus T-Rex if they won’t bother your body
  • Silicone lubes: Be careful. I don’t recommend silicone lube with silicone toys as there can be a chemical reaction. If you must, please spot test on the base of the toy… Wouldn’t want to ruin something this expensive!

Also: Keep some sort of damp cloth close when you are getting ready to play with T-Rex. It’s a bit of a lint magnet!

Experience with Tantus T-Rex

Well… there was a lot of warm up. Admittedly, I’m a little shy about this one now that my friends have found the site but oh well. They’ve been supportive and it’s fucking awesome, and I’m not changing anyway. This thing is FUCKING HUGE. I know what my body can handle though (fuck yes self exploration!) and took my time, warmed up slowly (which is really dumb not to do. It hurts really fucking bad if you don’t warm up. ALLLLLWAYS DO ALL THE WARMING UP!) and then I sat there reading one of the books I’m getting ready to review with a vibrating plug in to relax things some more.

Then: Maximus. A LOT of Maximus. When I thought I had enough, I tripled it. (This ended up being hilarious later, but I dunno that I’m sharing why.)

And then I slowly worked up to using T-Rex. That ridge=Most stimulation I’ve ever felt out of any toy ever. I thought it was cool, but I get the feeling a lot of people would be scared away. It’s intense, and I get the feeling that the ridge on the head should be rounded a bit more.

Then I slowly pushed on, and honestly: I enjoyed it. The feels were good, but this is the largest toy I’ve ever tried for in and out motion. Just straight in and out, it felt good.. but it wasn’t anything spectacular… until I turned it over and angled it to nudge my prostate.

Shit got crazy. I could smell colors, and taste noises. (Just kidding… My brain would have exploded!) It felt really good, but alas… being solo with this whole endeavor and being semi-contorted into a weird position my arm/shoulder got tired, and I was just ready to cum.

So then Janine joined the party, and after a few minutes of some good porn (Tristan Taormino’s Chemistry, if you were wondering) it was all over and I just wanted to pass the fuck out…. and then the hilarity happened….. (still keeping it a secret… dunno if anyone can handle rolling in their floor laughing at it).

Overall Opinion of Tantus T-Rex:

If you can handle it, it can be awesome. There are some people that LOVE large toys but think T-Rex is too much due to the ridge and the unforgiving firmness of the silicone, but I think overall it’s a high quality toy.