Tantus Supersoft C-Ring

I love when I get a chance to review Tantus toys… even if it ends up being a toy I’m not particularly fond of, I know that when it comes down to it the toy is safe and will work for someone somewhere. Naturally, when I was offered the Supersoft C-Ring in exchange for an unbiased review I was elated and accepted it.

What Is The Tantus Supersoft C-Ring?

tantus supersoft c-ring

It’s really that simple… no frills!

It’s a simple, stretchy, no-frills cock ring. No vibrations or little appendages for stimulating one’s perineum or partner… Just a basic cock ring!

What Is The Supersoft C-Ring Made Of?

Silicone, but specifically Tantus Supersoft silicone. It’s got a bit of give to it and it also has more stretch than their C-Slings (which have absolutely ZERO give).

How Big Is The Tantus Supersoft C-Ring?

C-Ring Diameter:

The diameter is 1.5 inches, which is a slight bit bigger than a lot of rings, but still more than tight enough for a lot of guys. Like I mentioned before it’s also got some stretch to it… So it can be stretched to be worn either at just the base of the cock OR behind the cock and balls (my personal favorite).

How Can I Take Care Of The Tantus C-Ring?

Cleaning The C-Ring:

You can boil it, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, run it through your favorite toy cleaner, toss it in the dishwasher, or go with just plain soap and water. It’s easy peasy.

Lubing The Tantus Supersoft C-Ring:

Depending on your personal tastes, you may choose to go without lube completely.. That’s fine. However, if you wanted to, you could use oil or water based lubes without any issue. I don’t recommend silicone lube with silicone toys, but if you wanted to try it you could always perform a spot test.

Storing The Supersoft C-Ring:

It’s tiny compared to most toys… Realistically, you could toss it in your nightstand or even slip it over a toy and just toss them both somewhere.  It’s really small enough you could keep it in a shirt pocket in the closet even in your pillowcase on the bed. (You’ll want it close!)

My Experience With The Tantus Supersoft C-Ring

I like cock rings. I like them a lot, even for solo play. The Supersoft C-Ring is THE best selling item Tantus makes, and I was way excited to try it. When it got here though, I had to wait a few days (a lot of stuff going on) but it was worth the wait.

On the Tantus website, it’s stated to “hold the testicles down and keep the testes from contracting”. I can’t personally attest to it drawing out TTE (time to ejaculation) but it… Well, it’s nice. It’s not as thick as my other plain cock rings, so it looks more pleasing to me. What I mean there, is that instead of having an inch of silicone at the base of my shaft making me feel like I look all tiny (I’m okay with my size, but I still want to look big!). The red also gives a very urgent look to everything.

I generally wear my rings behind the balls and around my shaft, and the Tantus Supersoft C-Ring was no exception. I don’t mind shaft only rings, but I really just prefer the look of everything jutting out from my body (as if being presented to the world). I think it looks good, and I’ve been told that my balls being shoved up and out is DEFINITELY a good thing (another contact point for a partner’s labia, score!)

Did it enhance my orgasm? Not really.

Did it make my cock feel firmer, veinier, and make me feel really sexually charged? Yes, all the yes.

Overall Experience (TL;DR) With The Tantus Supersoft C-Ring

For $11 bucks, the Tantus Supersoft C-Ring is a must have in my book.

What can I really say? The Supersoft C-Ring by Tantus is just awesome. It’s simple, sexy and silicone. You can clean it however you want, and I think it makes my package look amazing. It’s also WAY inexpensive at just $10.46, so definitely worth a look. If you’ve tried other rings and thought they were too thick, too complicated (not all rings need a cheap Chinese bullet vibe), or just not worth the money… Give the Tantus Supersoft C-Ring a shot!