Tantus Prostate Play (Sort Of) Review

Curious about the Tantus Prostate Play? Read on, my friend.

A while back, Tantus released the Prostate Play, an improved version of the Prostate Health Vibe. A lot of the improvements were done with direct feedback from myself. Because I was involved with the process of improving the design for the newer toy, I was sent several Prostate Plays for me to review and giveaway (the giveaway was already done). This is my (as much as possible) unbiased review of the Tantus Prostate Play, in compliance with FTC regulations.

What Is The Tantus Prostate Play?

As I mentioned in the my little rinky dink intro, the Prostate Play is an update to the design of the Prostate Health Vibe. Both are prostate massagers, but the Prostate Health Vibe has since been discontinued. To put it simply, you put the Prostate Play in your butt and then turn the vibe on (or don’t) and then do some kegels. If everything goes the way it should (and the Prostate Play fits your body) you should get some nice prostate stimulation out of it!

What Is The Tantus Prostate Play Made Of?

Uh… Tantus ultra bad ass hypoallergenic platinum cure body safe non-porous silicone. The vibe is ABS plastic with a silicone button. All around, it’s as safe as you can get with materials.

How Big Is The Prostate Play?

Prostate Play Diameter:

1.1 body safe, bad ass inches

Prostate Play Length:

4 inches

For all of you visual creatures, here’s a picture with something to compare it to:

How To Lube & Care For Your Prostate Play:

Cleaning the Prostate Play:

For the Prostate Play itself (not the vibe) you can:

  • boil it
  • use 10% bleach solution
  • use toy cleaner
  • toss it in the dish washer
  • use hot soapy water

The vibe, you’ll want to just wipe clean with a damp rag and maybe some antibacterial soap.

Lubing The Prostate Play:

Oil based lubes are fine, as are water based. Silicone, you’ll have to spot test… I can vouch for Uber Lube being excellent with all Tantus silicone I’ve tried it one.

Storing The Tantus Prostate Play:

Just put it somewhere safe (like… Not with any crappy jelly toys you may still have!) and it’ll be good to go when you need it. It’s small enough to fit in your sock or undie drawer, your nightstand… Wherever works for you!

My Experience With The Tantus Prostate Play

I gave Tantus direct feedback on the Prostate Health Vibrator and that feedback was used to make the Prostate Play.

I specifically wanted a more aggressive head so that it targeted my prostate better, I wanted the the little rings around the neck to be moved up and angled a bit (to help keep it in place!), and I wanted a more comfortable base with a perineum arm.

Now, obviously Tantus couldn’t do everything exactly how I wanted it done… I sent in a sketch of what I had in mind, and they set about working on a new product.

It took 7 or 8 months, but finally the Tantus Prostate Play was released. All of the ideas I had were implemented, but hadn’t been taken as far as I’d personally have went for.

Overall, the improvements were great additions. I wanted the perineum arm to be longer, the head to be even more aggressive than it is, and for the the neck to not only have the ridges changed and moved, but to also have a big bulge with a slim neck to make it stay put much like a butt plug as well.

When I did finally get around to using the Prostate Play (I got a “prototype” a month or so before release, but in a softer silicone than the release version, as well as a release version not long after release.. This review is on the release version only), I really liked it. It fits my body quiet well and the head and neck do a much better job of stimulating my prostate. It’s still not perfect, but definitely an improvement.

The base though… Damn, that base? The anchor base with a perineum arm?

Me Fucking Gusta, Folks!

The little vibe that comes with the Prostate Play… Well, it’s really a placeholder. It’s a’ight if you don’t have better or don’t feel like buying better. It’s got three speeds, but they are all buzzy at their absolute best. You press the button once for each speed, or hold it down to turn the vibe off.

But if you’re the kind of person that really wants some stimulation? You’ll get a We-Vibe Tango, charge it up, and stick it in your Prostate Play. Srsly. Just. DO. ETTTT. You see, the Prostate Play is great on it’s own (even with the vibe it comes with.)… but putting the Tango in the Prostate Play is like pulling the stock motor out of your car and putting something with MUCH more horsepower in it. It’s just more thrilling.

All in all? I love the Prostate Play for what it is, but still hope to one day see my visions of a perfect prostate toy fully realized.

Overall Opinion Of The Tantus Prostate Play:


Silicone, ABS Vibe


Waterproof, 3 speeds (with stock vibe), Perineum Arm



Overall, I think it’s worth a look for those that have already found their prostate and a great little product.

All things considered, the Prostate Play by Tantus is a bad ass prostate massager but I still wish it could have been the realization of all my wants and needs in a prostate toy. It’s not perfect at all, but it succeeds in staying put where (many) others have failed miserably. Coupled with a We-Vibe Tango, the Prostate Play comes to life and can really make any old masturbation session something much more enjoyable. Do I think you should get one? Only if you’ve had success finding your prostate before. The Prostate Play isn’t going to magically find it for you, but if you’ve found it already it can be a lot of fun.