Tantus Plunge Paddle Review

Tantus recently released the Plunge paddle, a design inspired by comments from attendees at one of the adult conventions. I was offered one in exchange for an unbiased review, and happily accepted (I love Tantus.)

What Is The Tantus Plunge?

The Tantus plunge is a beautiful paddle with incorporated g-spotting/prostate prodding handle, designed to provide both exquisite impact play and enthralling penetration for those that desire it. Made of premium Tantus silicone, the Plunge paddle is 100% phthalate free and perfectly body safe.

How Does The Tantus Plunge Work?

The Tantus Plunge As A Paddle

The primary use (in my mind at least) would be to use the Plunge as a paddle. Bare-assed, clothed… no matter. Draw back and give yourself or your partner a swat.

The Tantus Plunge As A Dildo/Penetrative Toy

The handle of the Plunge paddle is designed to provide stimulation directly to the g-spot or prostate. The prep for insertion is entirely up to you, but I recommend a good thick lube for any sort of anal play (prostate play). Maximus is one of my personal favorites, and it lasts a long while.

Once you’ve prepped/have the handle inserted, just feel around until you hit the g-spot or prostate. After that, find a rhythm that suits you and just keep going until you get off!

How Can I Care For My Tantus Plunge Paddle?

To Clean/Sanitize The Plunge You Can Use

Water and Antibacterial Soap
10% Bleach Solution (1 part bleach, 9 parts water)
Toy Cleaner (Your Choice)
Boiling Water In A Pan (Boil The Toy For A Few Minutes)
Top Rack Of Dishwasher
UV Chamber In Your Lab (<— Wishful Thinking)

Storing The Tantus Plunge Paddle

Sock Drawer
Shoe Box
Coat Pocket
Between Mattress and Box Spring
The  Hole In The Handle For Hanging It

My Experience With The Tantus Plunge

For Spanking

Maybe I’m just a big ol’ wimp (or maybe my lack of impact play experience shows through) but sonofabitch the Plunge stings. I swatted myself a few times with it, and FUCKING OW.

Light swat? Sting

Hard swat? Sting that doesn’t stop for 10 minutes

Finishing move swat? FOR FUCK’S SAKE, WHAT WAS I THINKING?

So… yeah. The Tantus Plunge is pretty fucking sting-y, and left welts on my bare ass for several hours (and a faint bruise for a day or so.. I went big in the name of science, okay?) If you are into stingy swats, this may be just right for you.

For G-Spot/Prostate Play

I enjoy prostate play.. and love making a woman squirt. I was excited for the Plunge… until it got here. Major design flaw (Tantus is aware of this already, and is looking at redesign options) though:

The handle. More specifically, the hole for hanging the paddle…. makes cleaning the Plunge a nightmare. A nightmare that makes me steer clear of using the Plunge because if I can use something else that feels better and is easy to clean, I’m going to.

The thing is, even without the hole (the hole makes no difference in sensation) the Plunge left me extremely underwhelmed.  There isn’t enough of a curve to the handle to hit the right places without some serious manipulation of the toy, and trying to adjust a “probe” that has a  paddle hanging off of it, whilst it hangs from ones ass… Not fun.

Once that is overcome (again… in the name of science) there is still the matter of the weird ridge that runs the underside of the handle. The ridge on the Plunge’s handle is too pronounced to be ignored, and too muted to add much to the stimulation… so it ends up just annoying the hell out of me.

Final Thoughts On The Tantus Plunge Paddle

Perhaps it’s me being frugal (see: broke, financially destitute, penniless) or lazy, but I don’t want to have to put a condom on the handle of a paddle to stick it in my ass. Also: I don’t want to have to buy pipe cleaners to clean said handle of said paddle when I don’t use a condom to cover the handle. So… as an insertable toy, the Tantus Plunge is a big fail for me.  As a paddle, it’s still a fail for me… but that’s because I’m a wimp and it fucking hurts.

So… if you are looking for a paddle that can provide some rather insane levels of pain, that is completely sanitizable, and looks good:

Pick up the Plunge.

If you are looking for something to hit the g-spot or your prostate:

Pick up something that doesn’t have a hole to collect bodily detritus, or wait for Tantus to revisit the design board and fix the hole. 

You can get one today by clicking the banner below:

Plunge Paddle