Tantus Cowboy Review

**If you have any questions about the Cowboy, please ask! I’d love to find out what ever you are curious about and help you out!**

tantus cowboy review picture

It’s realllly tall.

To be 100% clear, I’ve wanted the Cowboy since I first saw it way back in the beginning of my reviewing days. Even before I had my own site, I wanted a Tantus Cowboy. Well, recently I was given the chance to pick a few new Tantus items and I took a chance and asked for a Cowboy for review. Tantus happily sent out the Cowboy in exchange for an unbiased review (in compliance with FTC regulations).

What is the Tantus Cowboy?

Well… It’s a fucking huge anal probe and dildo. It’s for extreme anal depth play and stretching and can serve excellently to help prep someone for fisting.

It’s colossal.

What is the Cowboy by Tantus Made Of?

Ultra premium body safe hypoallergenic non porous silicone, of course!

It’s one of the safest materials out there for sex toys!

Just How Big Is The Cowboy By Tantus?

Tantus Cowboy Diameter At Largest Point:

2.75 inches

Tantus Cowboy Length:

15 inches

To put it as simply as I can… It’s fucking huge. It’s long enough that if you ever manage to take it entirely, you’ll have about 6 inches of silicone in YOUR COLON. Not your rectum, where most anal toys reach… Your COLON.

Tantus Cowboy Care, Lube Compatibility and Storage Information

Cleaning Tantus Cowboy:

10% bleach solution, toy cleaner, the entire top rack of your dishwasher, hot soapy water… or you can boil it, if you’ve got a pot large enough!

Tantus Cowboy Lube Compatibility:

Water and oil based lubes are perfectly fine with the Cowboy. If you’ve got a silicone lube you like, you can spot test on the base. I’ve used Uber lube with mine (it’s silicone lube) and not had any issues.

Storing The Tantus Cowboy:

Store it wherever you store your other 15 inch long sex toys. I seriously can’t recommend something here. Maybe half of your sock drawer? Just keep it away from shitty jelly toys.

My Experience With Cowboy by Tantus:

Let me tell you… The pictures you see on the internet? They can’t really prepare you for how large this thing really is. It’s not that it’s super thick or anything, but at fifteen inches long.. It’s freaking big.

So big in fact, that I can only handle a tiny bit over half of it before there’s nowhere left for the part already inside to go (I know, the sigmoid colon. Believe me, the tip of the Cowboy has been up there.). The bulges just get too big inside for it to go any further.

Before it gets to that point (and there’s no way to explain it but saying it feels like the WORST poo cramps ever), it is actually quite enjoyable. The bulges are just graduated enough that I don’t really need a warmup toy to get started with.

One point to remember with a toy this long is that there is a LOT of toy to handle until you get a decent portion of it inside.

Overall Opinion of Tantus Cowboy:




Anal Safe, Designed for depth play



I enjoyed it, but I didn’t get to use the whole length. It’s incredibly long! Maybe it would work for you (or for depth play with a sub!).

Overall, the Tantus Cowboy is a lot of fun. It’s not something I can recommend for just anyone though. If you’ve ever hit your sigmoid colon with a dildo or whatever insertable and the feeling was too weird for you? Skip it. If you love DEEP anal play and want to challenge yourself with a thick toy as well? Grab one (through one of my links, please!)! If you are someone with the money to spend and interested in slowly stretching your ass for bigger toys, the Tantus Cowboy may be worth a look for you too. The graduation of the bulges is great because it doesn’t overwhelmingly increase. With enough lube and patience you should be able to get into some very large diameter areas, and then your world is open to all sorts of new anal toys. So, if you want one grab one below (or through any of the links in this review):

Go buy yourself a Tantus Cowboy!