Silicone: Platinum Or Not?

Science, Meet Sex Toys

If you’ve spent any time at all looking at different sex toys in brick and mortar stores or online, you’ve no doubt encountered silicone toys. Silicone dildos, butt plugs, cock rings… you name it, someone somewhere has made it out of silicone to be crammed into or on your body in some way….

But Not All Silicone Sex Toys Are Created Equally

The Silicone Curing Methods:

Peroxide Cured Silicone

Organic peroxides generate free radicals that catalyze cross-linking (laymen’s terms: organic chemicals are used to speed up the curing process) in what is known as high temperature vulcanizing. The issue with this type of curing is that in less than perfect circumstances all the nasties (free radicals and chemical by-products) aren’t removed. Peroxide cured silicones must be heated to high temps for extended periods to make sure the extra stuff is gone. This would be pretty prohibitive for manufacturing anything on a large scale, so it is unlikely to be encountered in silicone sex toys.

Oxime Cured Silicone

These are silicones cured by air and yet another chemical reaction, but are almost exclusively found in construction/building/manufacturing type applications. Oxime based silicones are the kind you find a tube at the hardware store (as are Tin Cured), and are absolutely NOT OKAY for sex toy use… even if they were, the curing time is horrid (these silicones take several days for single inch to cure completely)

Tin Cured Silicone

Tin cured silicones are cured by air just like the oxime based silicones, they take a while to cure and put off acetic acid (they’ll smell like vinegar) while curing. You don’t want tin cured silicone sex toys either!

Platinum Cured Silicone:

Folks, this is where it is at for silicone sex toys! Platinum cured silicones are cured in what is known as addition curing. Part a is added to part b (it does actually use Platinum to catalyze the process) and ends in a product that is nontoxic, doesn’t put off gasses, and that will last FOREVER (not literally forever, but long enough to be SO WORTH IT). It cures quickly, doesn’t shrink, and even has a high degree of precision for reproducing things (like lots and lots of sex toys from the same molds).

Well, Why Do I Need To Worry About Silicone Sex Toys
(platinum cured or not)?

Because sex toys are used in and on your body. If you wouldn’t squirt high temp RTV silicone in your mouth… why would you insert it in your body in a cured form?

Do research. If you are curious whether a toy is platinum cured, call the manufacturer and ask. Any reputable company will tell you (or put you in touch with someone who can), and if they can’t.. they either don’t know (I wouldn’t trust them if they don’t know) or won’t tell you because their process is questionable.

(All information is sourced in the colored blocks below!)

Take your sexuality by the horns, and hold manufacturers to a higher standard.