Some More Shitty Male Written Erotica ;-)

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Eduard And Christina: First Piece

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She squeezed him gently before kissing the head of his cock and then taking it in her mouth. As she let her tongue drift lazily she could hear him groaning, could feel his body pushing up towards her as much as it could in its bound state. A few soft sucks and she let his head pop from her mouth.

“Do you like that Eduard?” she queried, tugging at his balls as she stared up at his face.

“Yes…” Eduard sighed, trailing off again as she ran her tongue up the underside of his throbbing member.

Her thumb and first finger wrapped around his package and pushed it all up before she started flicking her tongue against his perineum. He was writhing now, his whole body in a constant state of motion against the bonds holding him so tightly… She let go of his package and snaked her tongue up and over his balls. Continuing on, her scalding hot tongue followed the raphe of his cock until she sucked his head into her mouth again. As she sucked him further into her mouth, her hands drifted down over her own chest. She started kneading her own tits as she sucked away, laboring for his pleasure but also overtaken with her own lust.

She continued on, sucking on his hard cock for a few moments before one hand slipped further down her torso… Into her panties it went, spreading her soaked cunt open before a finger slipped over her pink button a few times. Suddenly, she let his cock spring free from her mouth.

“I’m going to take your blindfold off now. I want you to see.” said Christina, her voice full of want as she let the mask fall to the floor.

Eduard blinked as his eyes took in his surroundings again, glancing down to see the bright red wax all over his stomach. Christina had poured half the candle on his torso before blowing it out and now she stood before him with the light from the bathroom cascading over her wonderfully zaftig body.

She stepped forward, straddling him and pressing her breasts into his face as she reached under herself grasping for his dick. Once she had him in her hand, she rubbed his head back and forth between her lips like a cheap sex toy. Every time she grazed her swollen clit she would shiver with delight and sigh until finally she positioned his throbbing erection at her entrance and took him entirely inside her.

“Fuck… you’re so god damn wet” Eduard said, staring at her face.

She rocked back and forth, grinding her flooded cunt on his cock with her eyes closed. This wasn’t about Eduard anymore… This was about her getting her rocks off whether he did or not. She grabbed a small vibe off of the table and held against her clit as she continued to use his body for her own needs, quickly forgetting he was even there.

“Christina, I’m going to cum!” Eduard’s proclaimed as his body began to tense up.

She stood up and stepped away from him. It wasn’t his turn yet, and she wasn’t going to let him cum until she was ready for it. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she threw her legs over his… Her thighs were spread and all Eduard could see from his vantage point in the chair was her hot wet sex. She was laid back on the bed, the little black vibe in her hand buzzing away at her stiff clit.