Rocks Off Butt Boy Review

A fairly well rounded toy, that tries to combine two popular types of toys in one. It’s worth a shot if you enjoy butt plugs or anal play.

Rocks Off was looking for male bodied reviewers, and I  jumped at the opportunity. We spoke for a bit, the company rep tried to help me find something I could enjoy and something different than most of my toys… we decided on the Butt Boy and the Naughty Boy anal toys (FTC Disclaimer: This review was provided in exchange for a free toy)

What Is The Butt Boy?

Red Rocks Off Butt Boy Vibrating Butt Plug on White Background

Finally, a red toy! But does it measure up?

It… is….. “the first” vibrating butt plug with built in perineum stimulation. (Manufacturer’s words, my paraphrase). It’s a basic butt plug design that has been added to by way of a perineal arm that holds a RO-80mm  bullet vibe.

The RO-80mm bullet recently underwent a redesign itself, changing from a simple on/off bullet to one with seven speed and reportedly more power. The jury is still out on the power level, but adding the patterns and speeds is a step in the right direction.

Who Is The Butt Boy Vibrating Butt Plug For?

Quite simply: Everyone…. everyone that likes butt plugs, vibrators, and perineum stimulation. I think Rocks Off is shooting themselves in the foot here by marketing the Butt Boy as a toy for men only.  Regardless of gender identity, anyone can enjoy butt plugs and butt play… throw in a 7 function bullet and you’ve got a toy most anyone could enjoy with or without a partner.

That’s not to say the Butt Boy is necessarily good though. We’ll get to that in a bit!

Well, What Does The Rocks Off Butt Boy Vibrating Butt Plug Look Like?

Well, the butt plug part of the toy looks like a classic butt plug:

The Rocks Off Butt Boy Butt Plug, zoomed in view of the butt plug portion of the toy.

Nothing revolutionary here, but why fix something that isn’t broken?

and the perineum arm is much like the perineum arm on most Rocks Off anal toys:

Red Rocks Off Butt Boy perineum stimulator

Rocks Off labels all of their toys here, and most of them also have the slight bulge with 3 ridges.

And To Take Care Of My Rocks Off Butt Boy I Should….

Cleaning it: Clean it before your first use. You can use soap and water, a 10% bleach solution, your choice of toy cleaner, the dishwasher  (remove the bullet first) or boil it (remove the bullet!). These methods are actually the same for sanitizing it after use each time as well.

Lubing it: Water or Oil based lubes only, to play it safe. If you wanna try that fancy silicone lube that you love so much, spot test it first.

Storing The Butt Boy: Well, it actually came with a satin-y bag to keep it in.

The Rocks Off Butt Boy and Storage Bag

The satiny material=lint free storage, and it has room for a spare bullet and batteries too!

I highly recommend pulling the battery out of the bullet when you aren’t using it as well. Before storing the toy, you should clean it and dry it well, then just toss it in the bag and toss the bag in with your toys or wherever. The bag will keep it safe from questionable other toys, and also will keep lint away from it!

Okay Okay… How The Hell Do I Use The Rocks Off Butt Boy?

Your first step will be removing it from the packaging, and pulling the bullet out of the silicone perineum arm. You should clean both the silicone portion of the toy and the bullet (wipe the bullet down with soap and water or a toy cleaner), and unscrew the cap on the bullet.

It has a paper dot between the battery and the battery contacts; this piece of paper has to be removed or your bullet won’t turn on.

Then, place the bullet back in perineal arm. Grab some lube, and relax. Lube up your asshole, lube up the Rocks Off Butt Boy, and slowly (pay attention to your body!) insert the plug.

After it is inserted, hit the button on the vibe to find a pattern you enjoy. One press of the button turns it on, each subsequent press changes the speed/pattern.

The speeds and patterns are as follows:

1: Low
2: Medium
3: High
4: (Hard to describe) It’s like 3 stutter buzzes and then a short pulse.
5: Slow Pulse
6: Crescendo To Full Power, then stop (over and over)
7: Fast Pulse

My Experience With The Rocks Off Butt Boy:

When I received the Butt Boy, I was excited. It’s my first red toy (a new color in the spectrum is always nice) but I was really excited to be trying a new product from Rocks Off. I’ve got the Big Boy (from my time with Eden, where PropertyOfPotter actually bought it for me because she knew I wanted it) and while I love it, the overall size of the toy can be pretty damn overwhelming. The insertable length of the Big Boy prostate massager combined with the curve puts some INSANE pressure on the p-spot.  My first time with the Big Boy, I thought I was going to die.

The Butt Boy however… is nice. It’s smaller than most of my butt plugs, and it does vibrate. The RO-80mm that was included with the Butt Boy butt plug is the teeniest bit more powerful than the original (one came with the Big Boy), and does have different patterns. I love a rumbly pulse feeling against my prostate and while the RO-80mm does provide some decent vibes, I did end up switching to my We-Vibe Tango.

As for the Butt Boy itself (the silicone portion of the toy; the actual butt plug and perineal arm):

The shape works well. Staying with the classic butt plug shape was a wise decision; it makes insertion pretty easy, and once in it stays put (well, almost). The taper from the tip of the toy to the flare before the neck makes the Butt Boy applicable both as a warm up toy AND as a main event, and the flare/perineal arm keep it safely situated in the butthole where it should be.

I should note however: The butthole is a pretty tight little muscle and as such will absorb a lot of the vibrations that are transmitted through the toy. The butt plug part of the toy does vibrate some, but most of the feelings of vibration come from the perineal arm.

The perineal arm is nice, if a bit flexible for my taste. If it were firmer and pressed into the perineum, the vibrations would be transferred to the prostate better.

Altogether, the Butt Boy is a decent attempt at combining a medium sized butt plug with a prostate massager, but the design does have a bit of room for improvement. I think placing the bullet in the neck (under the butt plug) would transfer the vibrations to the prostate and rectum better.

The biggest issue I had with the Butt Boy is that when I did orgasm (a fairly strong orgasm), my asshole spasmed and pushed the toy out before I was ready. It decreased my enjoyment because having something for the muscles to contract against tends to make my orgasms even stronger, but this is a fairly common occurrence for me.

Overall Opinion & Final Rating

The Rocks Off Butt Boy is a quality silicone sex toy, that ships with a mediocre bullet vibrator. The butt plug portion of the toy is moderately sized (most anyone that enjoys anal play and takes their time *should* be able to handle it, though there are always exceptions) and stays put fine for me until the moment of climax. It’s incredibly frustrating for me, but I can’t blame the Butt Boy specifically for something that has happened to me with so many other items.

It is made of body safe silicone, and the bullet (while mediocre) is a step in the right direction as far as the world of “included bullets” go.  However, the battery type is odd…. the N-type batteries (one is included) are hard to find and kind of expensive.

If you are interested in picking up a Butt Boy for yourself or your partner however, you can order one from Rocks Off by clicking the picture of it below:

Rocks Off Butt Boy And Included Bullet

Click to pick one up today!

Good Things

  • Silicone
  • Replaceable Vibe
  • Waterproof

Bad Things

  • Odd Battery Type For Included Vibe
  • Vibrations Don’t Transfer Internally Very Well

The Breakdown

Material (Silicone)






Battery Type