Rocks Off Naughty Boy Review

Getting artistic (this pic was done from a pic on their website. My Naughty Boy is Blue)

Rocks Off sent out a tweet about a month ago asking for people interested in doing a few reviews of them to get in touch, so I did. I’ve been a fan of Rocks Off products since I did reviews for a single retail site, and jumped at the chance to work directly with Rocks Off on a few reviews of their products. What you should take from this is that I was provided a free product in exchange for an unbiased review.

So, What Is The Rocks Off Naughty Boy?

The Rocks Off Naughty Boy is a 100% hypoallergenic vibrating silicone prostate massager. It is designed to stimulate the prostate by both vibrating against the perineum and the inner wall of the rectum (the prostate is just behind that wall!). It’s also a fairly small toy that tapers to a bit of bulge, so it should be excellent for those that aren’t entirely new to anal play but do want a bit more girth.

Rocks Off has 5 other items in their prostate massager line, all named ____ Boy. They are:

  1. Bad Boy
  2. Big Boy
  3. Butt Boy which I reviewed here: Rocks Off Butt Boy Review
  4. Cheeky Boy
  5. and the Rude Boy.

Well, What Does The Naughty Boy Look Like?

This is the Naughty Boy with the RO-80mm vibe removed.

It’s a slim prostate vibe/massager with three oh so subtle ridges on the perineal stimulator (all of the Rocks Off anal toys have this feature). There is a slight bulge to help keep it in place (we’ll cover that more later).

Wait… The Naughty Boy Vibrates Too?

Indeed! It comes with a Rocks Off 80mm bullet. The RO-80mm runs on an N-type battery (which sucks, because they are hard to find and expensive), is completely waterproof, and has several different speeds and patterns.

I suck at describing patterns (probably always will) but they are:

1: Low
2: Medium
3: High
4: (Hard to describe) It’s like 3 stutter buzzes and then a short pulse.
5: Slow Pulse
6: Crescendo To Full Power, then stop (over and over)
7: Fast Pulse

The bad news is that even though it is waterproof and has several speeds…. It is weak. The vibe itself is mediocre, but when you stick it in the base of the toy the vibrations are lost in translation.  This happens because my (and your) asshole is a fairly strong little muscle; when you put a vibe outside of the body in something being gripped by the booty hole, the vibes are weakened even more.

How Do I Take Care Of My Rocks Off Naughty Boy?

The Naughty Boy Silicone Portion

As far as caring for the silicone part (everything but the vibe), you have 3 main concerns:

Cleaning- Clean the Naughty Boy with hot soapy water, a 10% bleach solution, your choice of toy cleaner, by boiling it, or by tossing it on the top rack in the dishwasher.

Lube Compatibility- Because the Rocks Off Naughty Boy is silicone, you should stick with water or oil based lube. My personal favorite water based lube for anal play is Maximus.


Rocks Off Naughty Boy, RO-80mm vibe, and the satiny storage bag.

The Naughty Boy comes with a handy dandy storage bag. Clean it, let it dry, toss it in the storage bag. Where you put it after that is up to you, but I just toss it in with my other toys (storage bag means I don’t have to worry about it touching junky toys).

Caring For The RO-80mm Vibe:

When you aren’t using the Ro-80mm, I strongly recommend pulling the battery out of the toy. Because it is a plastic toy, you can use whatever lube you like for vibe only play. If you are sticking it in the Naughty Boy and choose to use a bit of lube for easier vibe insertion and removal, stick with water or oil based lubes.

My Experience With The Naughty Boy

I have an issue with little prostate massagers… and lots of slimmer anal toys. As I get closer to cumming, my body starts squeezing on anything inserted in my ass… and most “small” toys (okay, occasionally even huge toys) get pushed right out. I knew going into this that the Rocks Off Naughty Boy was probably going to have the exact same issue as every other slim prostate massager I’ve tried.

I lubed it up and slipped it in.. it felt nice, but didn’t feel quite right for me.

In use, the Naughty Boy is a bit too short to really hit my prostate internally, but the sensation of having something inside is nice nonetheless. My biggest issue came into play because the silicone is so slim that it isn’t really firm enough to apply the right amount of pressure outside.

When coupled with the lack of reach to hit my prostate, it felt like I had a finger in my ass while someone tickled my balls.

However, with a bad ass bullet tossed in the mix… it was salvageable. The ball-sack tickly feeling became pleasurable enough to add the teeniest sliver of intensity to my orgasm. Then…

the Rocks Off Naughty Boy shot out of my asshole like a blazing shot out of a roman candle, fulfilling its destiny to be relegated to the realm of average prostate toys. Sad day.

Overall Opinion (TL;DR) Of The Rocks Off Naughty Boy

Naughty Boy Materials:

Silicone, ABS Plastic

Naughty Boy Features:

7 speeds, Waterproof

Naughty Boy Price:


The Rocks Off Naughty Boy underwhelmed me.

Rocks Off makes some decent quality toys, but I prefer more size and rumbly vibes. As it stands, the Naughty Boy is okay… but has room for improvement. That being said, the smaller stature and mediocre vibes may work for folks just getting into prostate & anal play. The material is great and the vibe having different settings is a plus, but N batteries are among the most sucktacular on the face of the planet. If you like the idea of a slimmer prostate massager but would like stronger vibes, there are options (the bullet can be replaced with any similarly sized vibe… I recommend the We-Vibe Tango).