Hot Octopus Pulse II Solo Review

In all it’s glory, the Pulse II Solo!

Since I loved the original Hot Octopuss Pulse, I contacted Hot Octopuss a while before the Pulse II Solo was released to arrange for one for review. As per usual, the product was provided in exchange for an unbiased review (in compliance with FTC regulations).

What Is The Hot Octopuss Pulse II Solo?

“PULSE II SOLO is a revolutionary male stimulator that uses oscillations to stimulate the man via 9 powerful speeds. An added advantage of the PULSE II SOLO design is that the man does not need to have an erection to use it”

It’s a toy for penises. They’ve narrowmindedly said it’s for “men”, but yeah… Got a cock? It’s for you.

How Does The Pulse II Solo Work?

The magic of electrically powered oscillation, folks! You charge it up via USB charger like so:

Then, when it’s all charged up? You press the pattern button:

That button gets it going, and then you can do one of two things… You can use the plus and minus buttons on the opposite side to change the speed and intensity of the regular straight up oscillations, which is my personal favorite.. OR, you can press that pattern button again to roll through the five different patterns.

One thing to note? The Pulse II Solo is waterproof where the original Pulse wasn’t. Wanna play in the tub, ocean, hot tub, shower, or swimming pool? Go for it.

Pulse II Solo Cleaning, Lube Compatibility, and Storage Information:

Cleaning The Pulse II Solo:

Hot soapy water, a 10% bleach solution, or toy cleaner are your options here folks!

Pulse II Solo Lube Compatibility:

Water based lubes are going to be your best bet. You can use oil based lubes, but clean up is going to suck a lot. Silicone lubes… Well, you can always spot test your choice of lube.

Storing The Pulse II Solo:

You can keep it in your sock drawer or whatever, but it does come with a nice little storage bag!

My Experience With The Pulse II Solo

I’d been excited to use the Pulse II Solo for a while, so when I finally received mine I set it up charging as soon as I could tear it out of the box… or I thought I did. As it turns out, I plugged the wrong cord into the wall wart. So, I set it charging and left it overnight.

The next morning, I grabbed the Pulse II Solo and just turned it on to check it out. Mind you, I wasn’t playing… Just seeing how loud it was, what was different.

The Pulse II Solo seems to be a little bit louder than the original Pulse, but it wasn’t so loud that I could hear it through my bedroom door when closed. It also seems to be a little bit larger in hand, so I took this shot for a visual comparison:

When on the constant oscillation (which is all the original Pulse male masturbator offered), the toys feel exactly the same as far as sensation and intensity. If there weren’t another button on the Pulse II Solo, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The original Pulse rocked and the Pulse II Solo took all of that awesome and made it waterproof.

The patterns though… Well, I’m pretty apathetic about patterns in most toys. They just don’t usually do anything for me. With that in mind, I’ve found that if I use the constant oscillation on the Pulse II Solo masturbator until I’m right at the edge then stop for a minute and set it into the different patterns… It’s like a little edging machine for me. I can ride it to the brink over and over.

When I finally do orgasm? I cum like a fucking freight train hurtling down the track trying to make it to the home station. I shimmy, shake and shudder like crazy and generally end up laying there having abdominal spasms that make me look like I’m having a seizure (Gawd, I hope that doesn’t offend… I’m just saying that’s what I imagine I look like).

So… Yeah. It rocks. I love it a lot, and I’m pretty stoked I can take it in the freaking shower because the Pulse and Pulse II are the only toys I’ve ever used that GUARANTEE I will get an orgasm… and I have hell getting off in the shower by hand (or with a Fleshlight or other similar toys).

Overall Opinion Of The Pulse II Solo Male Masturbator

Pulse II Solo Materials:

Silicone, ABS Plastic

Pulse II Solo Features:

Waterproof, 5 patterns, 9 intensity levels

Pulse II Solo Price:


I love it. If you have a penis, I think you’ll love it too.

When the cards are down, the Pulse II Solo is my new favorite male vibrator style toy. It never fails to get me off, even when I’d otherwise not be able to (even when I’m sloshed and wouldn’t be able to orgasm from sex). It’s a little expensive, but I think it’s damn well worth every penny. Factor in that it’s waterproof where the original Pulse male masturbator wasn’t and it’s definitely worth it (especially considering they are the same price!). I think if you’ve got a penis and like to orgasm… You need to:

Go Grab a Pulse II Solo for yourself!