Prostate Play 101 Section 2: Types of Stimulation

(Now, I’ve already introduced how to “find” the prostate in Section 1: Finding The Prostate.)

You can bounce to that post for an intro and how to find it. This post will explain different ways to stimulate and be a sort of primer for the next section where I will cover toys used for prostate play. There are 2 categories of prostate stimulation, and each category has different things you can do for varied effect.

The first category is indirect stimulation. This can actually be done from outside the body by pressing firmly against the space between the asshole and the testicles. You can use a vibrator here (if you are going to be pressing very hard at all, use something with a broad “tip” so as to not cause discomfort) or you can press rhythmically. I’ve never experienced a prostate orgasm from this alone, but it can definitely add some force to your orgasm. A big pro here is that even those who don’t want to go so far as to stick something in their ass can still enjoy prostate play.

The second category is direct stimulation. This is insertion of a toy, finger, cock, or phallic object and pressing on the prostate. By far my favorite category, and there are so many things that can be done here.

  • Rhythmic pressing and prodding- just find the prostate and keep pressing against it with whatever “implement” you choose to use.
  • The “wiper” method- a fitting name, in that if you have the right kind of toy you can “wipe” it back and forth across the prostate like a windshield wiper. It’s essentially the same sensation as pressing against the prostate, but can feel milder depending on what you use.
  • Continuous unvaried pressure- Some of the best orgasms I’ve had didn’t come from continuous prostate poking or wiping, but instead from the pressure a girthy plug or dildo puts on my prostate when I sit just right. Very easy to do, and provides wonderful sensations.. though some may be turned off to the idea of sticking larger toys in their ass in search of the right level of pressure.

Don’t be afraid to try all any of these methods of prostate play to find what is right for you or your partner. Everyone has their own tastes.

Those are the main types of stimulation that I can think to include right now, but I’m certainly open to hear any ideas you think I may have missed. As always: If you’ve got a question or an opinion, let me know!