Perfect Fit Armour Tug Review

My Armour Tug is obviously clear (which is fucking hard to photograph!)

A while back (February, to be specific), Epic Leopard got in touch to see if I’d be up for reviewing some stuff for them. As they had some things I hadn’t been able to get elsewhere, I jumped at the chance. I’ve already reviewed the Ox Balls Unit X cock sling. As per usual for products I’ve received free (in compliance with FTC regulation), this is my fair and unbiased review of the Perfect Fit Armour Tug.

What Is The Perfect Fit Armour Tug?

Well, it’s a cock ring! A cock ring designed to both push your package up and out, stimulate your perineum, and separate your cock and balls more than a “regular” ring. To see what it looks like on a real body, click here (cock warning).

What Is The Perfect Fit Armour Tug Made Of?

It’s stated to be a blend of silicone and TPR (for comfort and durability)… I don’t really understand the point of putting silicone in with TPR… It’s a waste of silicone.

How To Care For The Armour Tug:

Cleaning Armour Tug:

Warm water and soap only. Manufacturer’s instructions state mild soap and water, so play it safe.

Lubing Armour Tug:

Again, water based lubes only per manufacturer’s instructions.

Storing The Armour Tug:

Keep it in a cool place away from your other toys just to be safe.

Safety With Armour Tug:

Because the Armour Tug by Perfect Fit is made of a TPR blend, it is a porous toy. It shouldn’t be shared (or used with one partner, then another) as the porous material could transfer bio-material (STI’s) between users or partners.
Play it safe… and if you like it enough you’d like to share? Grab another for whoever!

My Armour Tug Experience:

The usual stipulation for this type of ring applies… These rings aren’t made for fat folks, period. They don’t sit correctly on the body and the perineal arm doesn’t hit the right place for it to be worth a shit.

With that in mind, I actually enjoyed the Armour Tug by Perfect Fit. It’s not perfect by any means… It didn’t give me a firmer erection, didn’t add much sensation, and didn’t turn water into wine.

However, it made my cock and balls look pretty fucking great.

Overall Opinion Of The Armour Tug By Perfect Fit:


Silicone and TPR blend


Cock & Ball separator, Perineum Arm



It’s okay. It made my package look good, but that’s about it.

Overall, I enjoyed the Armour Tug by Perfect Fit. It’s not an exceptional product though… For most of the purposes I’d usually grab a ring for, the Armour Tug fails… It didn’t make me feel harder or increase sensation and it didn’t make me last longer, but it did give my package a boost. I can’t say how well it will work for slim folks, but it just isn’t designed for bigger (fat) folks with penises. If you’d like to grab one, you can hit any of the links throughout the review or the one below. Thanks for reading, leave a comment and share the review if it was of any value to you!