Oxballs Unit X Sling Review

Just a pointless black and white shot…

I’ve been curious about the Oxballs line for a long time, but hadn’t ever taken a chance to review any of them. When Epic Leopard offered me the Unit X Sling by Oxballs, I finally took that chance. As usual, this review is unbiased and was provided in exchange for the product.

What Is Oxballs Unit X Sling?

It’s primarily a cocksling, but it’s also meant to work as a ballstretcher. It forces the testicles down through one hole and the penis through another, giving your (or your partner’s) package a boost outwards at the same time:

What Is The Oxballs Unit X Sling Made Of?

A Oxballs “Flex” formulation of TPR, a synthetic material which is pretty damn stretchy:

How Can I Take Care of The Unit X Sling?

I feel like noting here that the Unit X sling is made of a TPR formula, meaning that it is a porous item. You should always wash and dry it well between uses, and I’d recommend not sharing it as it could potentially spread biomaterial that you don’t really want to be trading with others.

Cleaning the Unit X Sling:

As far as cleaning the sling, you’ll want to wash it with warm soapy water and let it air dry. Those are the manufacturer’s directions, so they should be perfectly safe. I haven’t tried other methods because… Well, I stick to hot soapy water.

Unit X Sling Lube Compatibility:

The product information on both the Epic Leopard site and the Oxballs site both state that the the Unit X sling is perfectly fine with water, oil, silicone or hybrid lubes. If you are worried, you can always spot test… I’ve personally tried all three with my sling and had no issues with it.

Storing The Unit X Cocksling:

Toss it in a zip seal bag just to be sure you won’t have any issues with other toys. Oxballs even recommends keeping it separate from other toys. Seriously, would you rather spend the nickel for the bag or upwards of $50 to replace toys?


My Experience with the Unit X Sling:

I was pretty damn stoked to get a chance to review one of the Unit X slings. I received the medium in Ice Clear Blue, and tossed it on my shelf for a few days before getting around to using it. As excited as I was, there was also hesitation because I’ve had some serious issues with other cockslings (Tantus and Laid come to mind), but it’s always proven to be an issue where my body just wasn’t the target of the rings I was testing. I get it, but it still blows to be excited for something only to find out that it’s not going to work simply because of my weight. Shit happens.

When I finally did get around to using the Oxballs Unit X Sling, I was impressed with just how stretchy and resilient the material seems to be.

It’s still not a perfect fit for my body because I’m a large man… The extra pelvic fat prevents it from fitting properly. Slimmer men (which seems to be the only market that Oxballs cares about anyway) shouldn’t have any issues. Even with that in mind, it still stands to be said that the Unit X cock sling is quite comfortable. I even enjoy the way it looks though I know it would look even better if I wasn’t quite so heavy.

The subtle pull (I have the medium, which stretches things 1 inch) is pretty nice, and while wearing the Unit X combined with the Basically Amazing Ribbed Thong the feeling of the fabric of the thong on my balls is pretty damn amazing.

To see how long I could wear the Unit X before needing to remove it, I put it on and went about my business… A timer was running on my phone, and I made it for about 30ish minutes before things were feeling tender and my scrotum felt cool to the touch. There was no loss of color, but I know that the blood flow was somewhat restricted. I’m personally going to recommend not wearing the Oxballs Unit X cock sling for more than 30 minutes at a time… Then again, I don’t recommend any cock ring for longer than that.

Those with less girthy penises may want to consider other options as the cockring portion of the Unit X sling is listed as 1″, but the material stretches significantly against the body (leaving the cockring part fairly loose).

Playing with the Unit X on was also an absolute need. There is a “urethral divot” that I believe is supposed to make ejaculation easier. A lot of rings are so tight around the shaft that they “prevent” ejaculation until the ring is removed. The divot does allow for me to ejaculate when I orgasm, but the ring isn’t SUPER tight on my shaft anyway.

 Overall Opinion Of Oxballs Unit X Cocksling




Cockring and Ballstretcher, Urethra divot



I like the Unit X sling a lot, even if it isn’t perfect.

I was excited to try the Oxball Unit X cocksling, but had reservations. I almost expected it to be painful to put on, and for my balls to start hurting shortly after doing so…. Those reservations were unfounded. While the Oxballs Unit X cocksling isn’t perfect for me, it’s by far the best cocksling I’ve had the opportunity to try. It looks bad ass, it makes my package feel bad ass, and I think it’s worth a shot for anyone into wearing rings and slings.

**Big thanks to Epic Leopard for sending the Unit X cocksling by Oxballs out!**