Njoy Pure Wand Review: Wonderful Prostate Massage Tool

I bought my Njoy Pure Wand almost 2 years ago, and when I posted this review originally I was just getting started running my own site.  I’ve now updated it and I hope I touch all of the points I’ve missed in the past.

 What Is The Njoy Pure Wand?

The better question is: What isn’t the Njoy Pure Wand?

It’s a solid stainless steel g-spot and prostate massage tool by the folks over at Njoy Toys. It’s heavy, gorgeous, and fucking awesome. This is the sex toy you grab when your home is being invaded, when you want to make someone squirt all willy nilly over your bed, or when you can’t find your meat mallet (You really can beat your meat with this thing… Don’t ask.)

Njoy Pure Wand Dimensions:

So… that’s 8 inches of length with a 1 inch ball and a 1.5 inch ball, weighing in at an incredible 1.51 lbs… That’s a lot of prostate/g-spot prodding weight.

How Can You Care For The Njoy Pure Wand?

Simple really: Use it, then wipe it down with toy cleaner or a 10% bleach solution (if you go with bleach, rinse it quickly.. bleach can pit metals over time). You can also boil it, UV sanitize it, whatever. Don’t sandblast it though… it’ll ruin the finish.

As for storage, it comes in a nice storage box made of… wood-ish material, with a foam insert and velvety cloth. If you have better storage options, go for it… but I keep mine safe in the box to keep it from getting scuffed or dinged.

Who Is The Njoy Pure Wand For?

Everyone and anyone. Do you have a prostate or g-spot? Are you sleeping with someone that does? Maybe you are tired of tough steaks, boring regular orgasms, or jelly g-spot toys burning your insides?

Seriously though.. some people don’t like the Pure Wand… it is a stainless steel toy, and not very forgiving. It also has a tendency to be quite cool to the touch (unless you warm it up before hand). It’s also heavy.

Why I Like The Njoy Pure Wand:

I wanted to break this part into two sections explaining what I find it best for, but I also wanted to mention that the Pure Wand is also good as a back massage tool for those that like very deep pressure.

Pure Wand & Prostate Massage:

As a prostate massager, it seems to be a toy that those who have found and enjoy playing with their prostate love. To date, the Pure Wand is probably my single favorite pick as a prostate massager. I haven’t quite reached a prostate orgasm from just the Pure Wand, but it is absolutely one of the most pleasurable toys I’ve found. The shape of the toy and the two different heads make different sensations possible. I’ll be posting a guide to using it sometime soon, as it’s more complicated than I can really explain in just a paragraph here.

Pure Wand & G-Spot Stimulation

The inexpensive plastic g-spot wands? They have their place… Some folks will prefer the lighter weight, some will prefer the lighter bank account hit. For those that get really into g-spot play and want a NICE toy that’s great for targeting the g-spot, the Pure Wand is very hard to beat. The shape works very well to pinpoint the g-spot and keep hitting over and over.

Also: Female Ejaculation (squirting/gushing) rocks. The Njoy Pure Wand is one of the most recommended toys for trying to make a woman squirt, and in my experience… it WORKS.

Final Opinion On Njoy Pure Wand

The Njoy Pure Wand is an excellent tool for prostate play or g-spot stimulation.

I love it, although it is pricey. The couple of times I’ve dropped it have scared the hell out of me, but luckily it hasn’t suffered any damage. I recommend it to anyone looking to get into luxury sex toys, but make an educated decision! It isn’t for everyone, but for the people it does work for it is worth every penny.