For Your Masturbatory Enjoyment: More(erotica)

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Ten minutes later Christina bounced out of the room on one leg, pulling a shoe on in the process. She had cleaned up pretty quickly and even put her hair up into a tight bun. Eduard absolutely adored when she wore her hair up off of her neck and shoulders because he could see just enough of her delicate porcelain skin.

She had slipped on a stunning black corset-type shirt and a pair of form fitting blue jeans; Her every curve was on display as if she was trying to drive Eduard absolutely insane. All of the jumping on one leg had popped one of her fleshy breasts from her top, and Eduard reached out to tweak her bare nipple.

“You just want to get your pussy filled somewhere outside of the house today, huh?” He quipped to her, laughing as she grinned.

He walked into their room and sat on the bed to pull his shoes on when a devilish idea struck him. He stood and began rifling through the steam trunk beside his dresser and pulled a beautiful stainless steel buttplug out, tossing it on the bed. Again, he reached into the box. A few moments passed and he found the little velvet bag he was looking for.

“Christina, come here babe!” shouted Eduard.

She stepped into the room, and immediately saw the plug laying on the bed.

“Oh really?” Christina glanced at Eduard, noticing the velvet bag in his hand also.

He grinned at her and nodded, tossing the baggy on the bed before stepping in behind her.

“I was thinking we’d put that heavy plug up your tight asshole and then put the wireless bullet in the bag up your cunt… Then we’ll go shopping for a bit and grab lunch.” Eduard whispered into her ear, his hands deftly unbuttoning her pants.

He slid them down over her ass and then pushed her forward onto the bed before grabbing the plug and a bottle of lube off of her nightstand. His hands slipped over her bare ass for a moment, kneading and massaging before he slapped her cheeks lightly at the same time. He adored watching her tight asshole flex tight when he spanked her in this position.

“Do you want it babe?” He asked, his dry thumb pressing against her butthole.

She wiggled her butt at him and then pushed the lube closer to him.

“I do.” Christina sighed.

He squirted a dollop of the creamy lube on her tight hole and rubbed it for a moment before pressing his index finger in ever so slowly. She gasped as it slipped in… She always gasped when he pressed into her back door. Eduard picked up the plug and smeared some lube on the tip before rocking the head against her slick, tight asshole.

“Mmmmm…” Christina moaned, finally pushing back against the plug.

Eduard’s cock flinched at the site, seeing her ass open up and take the cold, heavy plug drove him wild. He stood and unzipped his pants, pulling his cock through the front of his underwear and out of his fly before grabbing her hips and plunging it to the hilt in her cunt.

“OH FUCK” Christina screamed.

Her pussy was flooded from his attention on her asshole and she took his entire length easily, but she hadn’t expected his cock at all. Her nails dug into the sheets as he stroked into her again and again, his every thrust bumping the big hunk of steel planted in her bottom.

Eduard gripped her waist and started fucking her as hard as he could, the sound of flesh colliding on flesh filled the room as he bottomed out in her over and over.

“Maybe the bullet vibe will keep my cum from running out of you..” he growled.

Christina thrust her body back against him hard at the thought. She wanted his hot seed deep inside her, and she wanted it bad enough that she was fucking herself back onto his veiny, throbbing cock.

“How does my cun… FUCK” Christina cried out, her body racked with orgasm.

Her tight cunt spasming around him threw Eduard into a fever pitch and his pace quickened. A few more hard, deep strokes and his cum exploded deep into her body. For a few long moments he stroked slower and slower; the sensation of her wet, cummy, well used pussy was overwhelming. As he pulled slowly from her, he ran his middle finger up between her lips and then tasted it.

“We taste so good Christina.” Eduard said.

She turned and grabbed his cock and sucked at it gently, sampling their flavor for herself.