Sex Toys for Men – The Ultimate Guide!

Sex toys themselves aren’t a new thing, but sex toys for men aren’t exactly something that has been used for quite a long time. Believe it or not, back in the day, sex toys and their perception in regard to gender was completely opposite. Today, women using a dildo is fine, but a man doing the same is not okay for some people. A few hundred years back, men used to be users for sex toys, while women were the ones that watched from the sidelines. Archaeologists have found several evidences of objects that look like cock rings. Sure, we can’t say for sure since folks didn’t exactly leave a note with a description, but we’re smart enough to figure out what that stuff was.

That is what we’re going to thoroughly discuss throughout this article. Sex toys, men and sex toys for men – The major subject will be the wide variety of types. The variety is ‘wider’ when it comes to women, but men also have a few decent toys they can use. We’ll talk about each of them separately and discuss what they do and how they’re used. But first, we feel like it’s our moral obligation to disperse the one thought every ready is probably having at the moment.

But… But… Isn’t That Like Weird?

So, yeah, I’m an average guy that likes anal sex only when it’s with other women. I will get awkward and probably start nervously chuckling when someone even mentions that I have an anus as well. This is exactly how most men are these days. Sure, anal sex isn’t exactly the same thing as sex toys, but the reaction people have for both is exactly the same. Folks that buy fleshlights are called virgins, guys with sex dolls are perverts and men with prostate massagers are just weird. That is what society thinks about men and sex toys, when the truth is quite the opposite.

An example of a sex toy for men

An example of a sex toy for men

Sex toys for men are completely normal. They’re doing the same thing as women do with dildos and vibrators, they’re introducing creative ways to induce orgasms when they’re using them solo. And, they’re trying new methods to spice up their sex life with their other half.  We can guarantee they’ll fall in love with what they just experienced. If anything, gay guys are having twice as much fun as straight guys because they stimulate the penis and the prostate.  For the straight guys out there, no, using a sex toy doesn’t make you gay, you need to lighten up and not be so judgemental!

You have no idea what you’re missing out on, a lot of male masturbators feel just like having sex with a woman.  They are so much ridiculously better than using your hand.

So, since most of you are probably guys that are still unfamiliar with the world of sex toys, we encourage you to read ahead. There’s nothing wrong with you wanting to try sex toys. And, if you’re already bent on disregarding the idea, at least give them a shot. Maybe you like what you see…

Every Type of Male Sex Toy Out There

Sex Dolls

Let’s start off with something that most of you probably know about, sex dolls. The blow up dolls being sold at adult stores are usually too lackluster, but the Japanese are creating some really life-like dolls that are really difficult to set apart from actual women. Sex dolls are a great way to introduce pleasure into solo play as there’s practically a whole woman next to you – A women that’s crafted to do exactly what you plan to do.

However, sex dolls aren’t exactly the most conventional sex toy. The first thing you should know is that they’re almost impossible to hide. An average sex doll is longer than 5 feet (making them the same height as actual women adds realism to the experience). They can be difficult to use sometimes too. But, the one major problem with sex dolls would be the dependency.

Therapists have proved that men that have used sex dolls often became too dependent on their dolls and started treating them as actual women i.e. eating dinner with them, watching movies, travelling with them, etc. And, even after they’ve been relieved of the dependency, their sexual lives are sort of boring since they had a lifelike doll with the perfect butt, big breasts and abs and now they have to settle with someone that may or may not have that perfect of a physique. If you’re using them, make sure you don’t treat the doll as an actual women. If you start doing so, boy you’re in big trouble.


Fleshlights or strokers are probably the most popular and fun solo-sex toy out there. The toy is designed to replicate the shape and feel of a vagina to produce an orgasm much more pleasurable than a typical handjob. The toy is pretty fun and easy to use.



One downside would definitely be the cleaning part. Every sex toy requires cleaning every now and then. Unfortunately, flesh lights are an absolute pain to clean. If you frequently ejaculate inside the fleshlight, you need to clean it thoroughly. If you’re one of those people that think that toys and hygiene don’t deserve to be together, you’re mistaken. You have absolutely no idea about how many ways the fleshlights could affect you, even if you’re the only one using it.

Fleshlight Pink Lady

Fleshlight Pink Lady

After fleshlights, there are toys that go one step further to replicate the entire upper waist area and create an entire vagina as well as an ass. They’re called Realistic Vaginas and are a reasonable upgrade if you’ve been using fleshlights for a long time.

Cock Rings

C-Rings are something that can be used in both couple’s and solo play. Basically, C-rings are a tight ring that is placed around the shaft of the penis. The purpose of cock rings is to restrict the blood flow by clenching the arteries passing it to the penis. This creates some sort of an effect in the penis that helps improve erections, delay ejaculations and make orgasms more enjoyable and intensive for you.

Je Joue Mio

Je Joue Mio Cock ring

If you’re using a C-ring with a partner, you’ll be increasing the intensity for her as well. You’ll last longer and if you’re using a vibrating cock ring, her orgasm will be absolutely toe-wrenching.

Tantus super soft cock ring

Tantus super soft cock ring

There is a huge selection of cock rings available that vary on size, material, design and shape. However, cock rings aren’t all fun and pleasure. They’re a serious health hazard and if used improperly, could cause long-term damage. You’re restricting all blood flow to your penis. Yes, you’ll be fine if you stop blood flow for 20 minutes or so. But, anything longer than that and you’ll risk damaging your penis.  Make sure you do your homework before you buy a cockring.  Check out my ultimate guide to cock rings.

Penis Pumps

Penis Pumps are another toy that are common with mostly couples. The device works like a piston to pump up and release pressure and can be used to extend the size of the penis temporarily. They’re a bit difficult to use than C-rings but aim to achieve the same results. It will help you maintain an erection for longer periods of time, but when we say temporarily, we mean extremely temporarily as the effect wear off in a few minutes.

Old penis pump drawing

Old penis pump drawing

The way a penis pump works is that the cylindrical shaft seals the bottom part of the penis to prevent air flow. And, as you start pumping the air out of the cylinder, you’ll be creating a vacuum that will force blood to the shaft of your penis. You can then remove the penis pump and continue with your activities.

Penis pumps are also being used medically for people suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED. It is probably the only nondrug treatment available for the problem.

Prostate Massagers

Anal toys for men are more rare as a lot of men, even the ones interested in sex toys, shy away from anal play. But, if you just shut down your ego and try a prostate massager, you might be quite surprised to see that prostate massagers can offer quite the orgasm without even touching the penis in solo play. Prostate massagers stimulate an organ called the prostate located 3-4 inches inside the anus. And, massaging that walnut-shaped organ helps you ejaculate in the same way as when you masturbate.

Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager

Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager

Prostate Massagers come in different sizes based on the depth of your prostate. Some people have their prostate so deep in that they might need an extremely large massager to reach down there. There are also a  few products that add a vibrator to the toy. The vibrator allow a hands free approach for couples that want to introduce the toy into their sex life. Regular sexual activities and a prostate massager will create an orgasm that will be hard to forget.  Check out my massive prostate massager guide.

Penis Extenders

The name completely defines what the object is supposed to do. Penis extenders are usually meant for couples play. The device is like a plastic penis that is meant to be worn on your actual one. The material is flexible and is meant to replicate the feeling of the penis and deepen the reach to intensify orgasms.

Penis extenders have quite the variety. There are plain extenders that are the most common, but then there are the fancier ones with ridges and unique textures to rub against the internal walls of a vagina. Some even have a vibrator fitted in the tip to maximize the orgasms for your partner.