Lelo Billy Review

First things first: Big shout out to Lovehoney for sending the Billy by Lelo out free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review. We did run into a little SNAFU though… My Billy was shipped from the UK warehouse. This meant that my Billy arrived with a UK charger cord, and being in the states I had no way to charge it. I contacted Lovehoney and they put a message through to Lelo… who responded that I could go buy a cheap adapter. Not having the money, or desire to use an adapter… I broke out the pocket knife, multimeter, and electrical tape. Long story short, my Billy is now a USB rechargeable. (Don’t try this at home unless you know the specs and electrical info.. You could ruin your toy, and if you order from the right site for your country you will get the right adapter anyway!) Anyway, here is my “re-engineered” charger:


A Little About Lelo Billy

Lelo Billy is billed as “The Most Sophisticated Gentlemen’s G-Spot Massager”, which boils down to it being one of many prostate massagers that can also be used for just about any other spot one might want vibey delights.  It features a 100 percent silicone insertable portion (complete with a anal safety ring) and an ABS plastic handle and control dial. Billy also has a lithium ion battery that charges in 2 hours and then can run for 4… it’s pretty awesome to be able to toss it on the charger in the morning and know it is ready to go for a few sessions before I even get all the way through my morning routine!

Lelo Billy Size And Appearance

Well… it’s tinier than I expected. I research toys but often fail to look at the sizes, and this is no exception. I hear “luxury prostate massager” and think big, beautiful, and sturdy feeling. Lelo Billy is small, but it isn’t a bad thing.:

The control pad is pretty wonderful in my opinion… being able to feel it click between my hands, and being able to feel a texture difference for each “button” (it’s one big button.. similar to the direction pad on a X-Box 360 controller) makes life so much easier when I can’t see a toy (I’m not an owl. I can’t turn my head back and look… and I’m not snake flexible to be able to contort to see the buttons either.) that is being used anally. I think overall, Lelo Billy is beautiful and beautifully put together. At times the control pad can feel a little fragile on a delicate looking toy (comparing the Lelo Billy to the Pure Wand aesthetically, the Pure Wand would be the orgasm hammer to Lelo’s magic wand) but I’m not a brute with my toys anyway.

Controlling Lelo Billy

There are 4 buttons on the control pad, but it’s really simple: Press the + button to turn it on or speed up, press the – button to slow down and turn off, or press the up or down arrows to change patterns.

When you press a button, the ring around the control pad lights up (it also pulses during charging, and glows constant when charged).

The patterns (bear with me, I’m not the best at describing these) are cycled through with the up and down arrows, and are as follows:

  • Constant
  • 3 different “Pulse” patterns
  • The Wave (My personal favorite, “The Wave” doesn’t ever stop completely.. it builds to full speed then slows down over and over)

Each pattern can also be intensified or calmed down with the plus and minus buttons on the control pad.

My Experience and Overall Opinion

The Lelo Billy is pretty, but when I opened it I was less than thrilled because it didn’t visually match the idea I had in my head for size. After I finally had a chance to kick back with Billy and a shot of Maximus though… my opinion has changed completely. Billy may be a little small, but that actually works wonderfully well. I don’t foresee a time when Lelo Billy will be too much for me, and it takes virtually no preparation for me. Add to that the fact that it is small and smooth enough that my body can’t push it out just to be douchey (a problem I have had with a lot of smaller anal toys) and it stays put until right at the moment I finally cum, and Billy will certainly be a toy that sees use often. I’ve been looking for a toy small enough to take with me when I am traveling but don’t want to take everything, and I think Lelo Billy fits the bill very well! To get one yourself, go to Lovehoney.com (US) or Lovehoney.Co.Uk (United Kingdom) based on where you live to pick one up.. but make sure you order from the right site to avoid a charger snafu!