Key By Jopen Comet II

It’s pretty

Occasionally, I hear someone ranting and raving about how awesome a certain g-spot toy is, and think hey… That might hit my prostate and feel fucking amazing. A good friend was telling me how powerful the Comet II felt, so I reached out to try to get my hands on one in exchange for an unbiased review and they graciously sent one to me.

What Is The Jopen Key Comet II?

The Comet II by Jopen is a part of the Key line of sex toys and implements. The Key line is just one of several “luxury” lines of Jopen toys designed to titillate and tantalize, and manufactured with body safe materials. The Comet II specifically, is a redesign of the Comet. The original Comet had largely the same design but lacked one simple thing… vibration.

Both the Comet and Comet II are designed for g-spot stimulation.

What Is The Comet II Made Of?

The head end (the vibe-y part) is silicone wrapped. It’s just about the safest stuff you can work into your orifi (I think orifi sounds better than orifices, even if it isn’t a real word yet.).

The handle is “glass-like” (It’s fucking plastic. They call it glass like because it is glossy and hard.)

And the button is “stainless alloy”. Which means it isn’t stainless steel, or Jopen would say it outright.

Well… Whaaaat Kind Of Features Does The Jopen Comet II Have?

Other than being made of body safe materials, it’s rechargeable and waterproof. It also has 7 unique patterns:

How Can I Take Care Of The Key Comet II?


Use warm soapy water, a 10% bleach solution, or your choice of antibacterial toy cleaner. No boiling or dishwasher here as they could damage internal components.

Lube Compatibility:

For vaginal play, you can use water based lube. If you choose to try it anally for whatever reason, you can use oil or water based lubes. Steer clear of silicone lubes unless you’ve spot tested because they can damage the silicone “wrap” of the head.

Charging the Comet II:

Again, we’ve got an oh so nifty magnetic charger, except for this one is a USB pluggable charger:

Storing The Jopen Comet II:

It comes with handy dandy storage bag (the little baggy is under the place holder in the box!):

jopen comet II and storage bag

The bag is almost to small, but it does hold the toy and the charger.

But if you don’t want to use the baggy, you can keep it in your drawer or stash box.. I like the bag because it keeps the charging cord close.

My Experience With The Key Comet II by Jopen

I was excited. It resembles the curve and design of my favorite non-vibrating prostate toy, the Pure Wand. I was more excited by the general shape PLUS vibration. So… on to the  road testing (so to speak… I didn’t play with my prostate driving down the highway).

First, I noticed the matte somewhat draggy finish of the Comet II. It’s a really nice feeling silicone, but I think a more glossy finish would have worked even better.

I grabbed some lube and set out to the task at hand (butt?).

A little bit of push and wiggle and it slipped into place, where I tried just moving it back and forth. It felt pretty good, but there’s something amiss. It felt grabby… like it was firmly gripping my butt. Maybe it’s the texture? I can’t be certain, but it’s not an overwhelming issue.

When I pressed the button though, things lit up. Nerves fired. I may have moaned like a whore. The first setting is reallllly nice and by far my favorite, but the second and third settings are nothing to scoff at either. The other patterns? I’m sure someone somewhere enjoys those on and off stutter patterns, but I find them to be a big fracking annoyance.

Overall Opinion (TL;DR) Of The Jopen Comet II

The Jopen Comet II is nifty, and worth a look!

Overall, the Comet II is nice. It’s built of some of the safest materials available (metal, hard plastic and silicone are all super safe), rechargeable and it’s waterproof. It’s got the right shape to hit my prostate well, but the somewhat grabby feeling (it feels like it’s lightly pinching my hole… hard to explain) detracts from the overall experience. All in all, I think it’s a pretty good buy if you can’t afford the Pure Wand or can but want something that vibrates too.