Je Joue Nuo Vibrating Butt Plug Review

Shevibe needed a review on the Je Joue Nuo, and I was interested anyway… So I jumped at the chance to take one for review. As per usual, this unbiased review was written in exchange for the product (in compliance with FTC recommendations).

What Is The Nuo By Je Joue?

At the absolute simplest, it’s a butt plug. A vibrating silicone butt plug, but it also has magic(k) inside!

What Features Does The Nuo Have?

It can be controlled remotely! Like… across the room. No silly wires for you, anal aficionado… You can let your lover, master, or butt keeper control your ass from afar!

How Big Is The Je Joue Nuo?

Length/Insertable Length:

4.5 inches/4 inches


1.35 inches/4.25 inches

Je Joue Nuo Patterns and Remote Pairing

(Note: This section is copied directly from the Nuo manual with my edits in red.)

To turn Nuo on, press and hold the push button at the end of its base for 3 seconds.  To sync with
the Je Joue pen remote, press the remote’s top button and wait a few seconds (Hold the button for just two seconds. If you hold it any longer, the remote will pair but you will not be able to control the Nuo) until the toy
starts vibrating. Once connected, simply press the button again to go through its different
pulsation patterns. Twist the button clockwise to increase the speed and twist anticlockwise to
decrease the speed. (In addition, there are seven patterns.)

Each press of the button will run through the following pulsation patterns:

Pattern 1 (Cascade) – linear vibration from both external and internal motors
Pattern 2 (Pulse) – linear vibration from external motor only
Pattern 3 (Soft) – linear vibration from internal motor only
Pattern 4 (Intense) – alternate vibration from both external and internal motors
Pattern 5 (Energize) – alternate 2 external stimulation for 1 internal vibration
Pattern 6 (Glow) – linear external stimulation and ascending internal vibration
Pattern 7 (Mood) – ascending vibration from both external and internal motors

Je Joue Nuo Care And Maintenance Information:

Cleaning The Nuo:

You’ll want to stick with hot water and soap, a 10% bleach solution, or your choice of toy cleanser. Absolutely no boiling, as it will ruin the internal components.

Je Joue Nuo Lube Compatibility:

Water or oil based lubes are your best bets here, but some silicone based lubes may also be okay. You’ll want to do a spot test on the base of the toy to be sure though. I personally use Uber Lube with mine and I’ve had no issues at all.

Storing The Je Joue Nuo:

So… I think the Nuo came with a storage bag, but I’m not certain. We’ll pretend it didn’t (I have Je Joue bag, but it may have come with something else?). You’ll probably want to keep the Nuo and remote together, so I’m going to recommend finding a nice lint free (or lint minimal) bag to store your Nuo, remote, and charger in. Other than that, keep it in a reasonably cool place (under 100 degrees Fahrenheit and you should be fine).

Charging Your Je Joue Nuo:

It’s a fairly simple little magnetic charger… Plug it into the wall and connect the cord like so:

It’s finicky as hell though!

One thing to note though, is that the magnets on this particular charger are garbage. It doesn’t stay connected very well, so you’ll want to make sure it’s still connected before you walk away.

The remote takes a single AAA battery:

The remote also happens to feel very cheap.

My Experience With The Je Joue Nuo:

It looks nice… I had high hopes, I really did…

Okay… I was excited to try the Nuo. I tossed it on the charger and walked away and came back several hours later to find that the charger hadn’t stayed connected, so I had to wait even longer. No biggy, but still a pain in the ass.

Finally, the Nuo is all charged and I’m ready to check it out. I turn the toy on like instructed, grab the remote and try to pair them. The remote flashes and vibrates to show that they are paired up, so then I proceed in trying to insert the Nuo…..

The neck on the Nuo, while comfortable once inserted? Makes insertion a mega pain in the ass. It’s very flexible and you’ll be trying to push a decent sized blunt object into your butthole while it, your hand, and asshole are covered in lube.

Once it’s finally in (and it’s going to take more lube than you expect, because the finish on the silicone somehow demands more than even my largest plugs), it feels off. The neck doesn’t seem long enough for me and it’s definitely not hitting my prostate the way it should.

Anyway, I fiddled around with all the patterns for a while (just as a matter of thoroughness. I’ve still not encountered a pattern that I like with any toy) and finally switched back to just constant vibration. A quick twist of the dial on the remote and it buzzed even faster, and more so again each time until the final speed setting. The highest speed actually feels a little rumbly… While nice, it still does nothing for my prostate. The external motor (I know there is one there because I felt it in my hand) did absolutely nothing for me. I never felt it once in use even though I know it was buzzing.

I’ve had decent orgasms with Nuo, but nothing groundbreaking.

(The Big Gay Review tried it and liked it, as did Ruffled Sheets… So you may also want to check their reviews out!)

Overall Opinion Of The Je Joue Nuo:




Waterproof, Remote Controlled, 7 Patterns and 5 Speeds



I don’t think it’s worth buying at all. You can get better for less!

Overall, I was pretty let down by the Nuo. It’s a huge pain in the ass to get the remote paired (but I’ve read that the IOS app makes it a much better experience.), it doesn’t hit my prostate correctly, the vibrations are buzzy until the last setting and it just never feels like it’s fully inserted for me. I wanted to love it, but I just can’t find anything about it that makes it worth $156 dollars… Hell, I can’t even think of a reason I’d buy another one for $50. If, however, you would like to grab one? Hit any of the links throughout the review or the one directly below this.

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