Holy Trainer V3 Review

Chastity or cock cages aren’t made for everyone. Most of you probably frown at anyone that publicly admits wearing a cock cage. However, for that minority that likes these little devices, you’re going to absolutely adore the Holy Trainer v3. Let’s get into what this toy brings to the table.

The Variety

Your average OSFA cock cages are never really that great, now are they? If you’re a guy that’s a bit far from the category of average sized, you’re pretty much screwed. So, in order to accommodate all of our big-penised friends (the little ones too!), Holy Trainer was kind enough to release three variants of its v3. The different sized products are mentioned below.

  • Nano: 1.36 inches in length and 1.3 in diameter
  • Small: 1.75 inches in length and 1.3 in diameter
  • Standard: 2.14 inches in length and 1.4 in diameter
  • Maxi: 2.54 inches in length and 1.4 in diameter


The Holy Trainer v3 is made completely out of plastic. While the plastic may not look too fancy in your sex toy collection, it certainly does the job amazingly. This little hump of plastic is transparent, so you’ll be able to take a peek under the hood without much trouble. However, plastic does create a few problems. Molding plastic without imperfections is actually pretty difficult and there will be a few faulty products with plastic sticking out from the side. Usually it won’t cause too many problems, but in some cases, the plastic will poke at your valuable and make the chastity really annoying.

A major upgrade as compared to the v1 and v2 would be the lock of the toy. The previous version used padlocks which weren’t really too comfy considering the fact that a padlock is going to be locking your penis. The v3 instead uses a brass lock that opens without any hassle. Say goodbye to nagging and irritation, this toy provides the utmost level of comfort. Apart from that, to add more to the comfort level, there are vents to assure that your penis gets some breathing room while the toy is in place. Without these vents, your junk will get sweaty and agitated. So, it’s good to have vents allowing you to wear this chastity for extended periods of time.


Cock cages need to be discreet. They’re like the male version of a bullet vibrator – If your bullet is buzzing like crazy, you won’t really be able to wear it without raising too many eyebrows. The same goes for cock cages. Previous version used metallics locks that kept clicking every now and then as you moved your leg. However, the v3 is built to ensure this doesn’t happen. The brass lock is dead silent meaning that there won’t be any noise even if you’re doing yoga while using this cock cage.