Her Lollipop

He walked in, and found her sitting on the couch; she was naked from the waist down. She was very softly touching herself, and sucking away at a bright green lollipop. Her eyes were closed, and her candy coat red lipstick was leaving a ring around the stick on the sweet sucker.

As he stepped closer to her, she cracked her eyes… His cock was already straining against the oily denim of his work pants.. It had been a long day, and he expected just to come home and fall asleep. She sighed, laying her lollipop on the coffee table before licking her fingers clean from her other hand; proceeding towards him as she did.

He grabbed her, a bare hand grabbing both cheeks of her pale white ass and picked her up. Kissing each other he carried her to the bedroom, knocking a picture of some dead relative off the wall. The glass shattered as the frame hit the floor but neither he nor her gave a shit. As he neared the bed, he tossed her onto it and began biting down her neck, kissing her collarbone, and continuing south. His stubble rubbed one of her nipples, and she was about to complain before he sucked it into her mouth and parted her thighs with his hand.

He knew she was ready, but still he rubbed up and down the inside of her thigh. He would occasionally bump her puffy pink lips just to feel her shudder, but he was going to make her ask for it. A few minutes later, her breathing was quite ragged and her skin flush; her pussy was flooded and she could barely form sentences.

“Touch me now..” She moaned.

He rubbed her lips for a mere second, and then pulled away. As if she were a fiend looking for her next score, she took over. She threw him onto the bed and quickly sat in his face; grinding on his nose and tongue as she greedily pulled his cock through the zipper of his pants. The slurping noises were loud as she took his whole length deep into her throat on the first try, and she wanted him to cum so bad.

She grasped his cock by the base, and sucked one of her fingers for a moment before slowly sliding it into his ass. He tensed up for a second, and then his body started quaking beneath her. His growls and screams were muffled, as his mouth was clamped shut by her wet cunt. As his throbbing cock started spasming, she bore down even harder. She was grinding away on his face as she swallowed every drop of hot cum he had to give. As his cock started to soften, her own orgasm hit her. It was powerful… as mind blowing as she had ever felt. She lost control of her body and her flooded cunt released a torrent of her sweet cum all over his face. As she rolled off of him and regained her senses, she crawled up to kiss him and whispered into his ear:

“Go grab us both a drink, and bring my lollipop baby, we’re not done yet.”

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