Gun Oil Lube Review

Excuse the manufacturer photo, I already used all of my sample packets already.

A while back, Risa from Good Vibrations sent me a bounty of Gun Oil lube to do a review on… Twenty sample packets, to be exact. I gave some to friends (trying to broaden their horizons) and finally got around to trying it myself.

What Is Gun Oil Silicone Lube?

Gun Oil Silicone (there are 7 different Gun Oil formulations) is a “proprietary three molecule silicone blend” (same 3 types of silicone in almost EVERY silicone lube out there, just in different proportions) with added Vitamin E and Aloe. Really, the Vitamin E and Aloe thing… comes across as a gimmick. Gun Oil markets to masculine demographic and the Vitamin E and Aloe is just a sales pitch. It’s there, but I can’t tell much of a difference between Gun Oil and a regular 100% silicone lube.

What you can take from this:

Marketing never changes. Add the “vitamin” on the wrapper, throw in some Aloe, and sell like crazy… but does it live up to it’s reputation?

My Experience With Gun Oil Silicone Lube:

Gun Oil For Anal Play:

Gun Oil Silicone is thin… so thin, in fact that I HATE it for any kind of thrusting play. It butt-squeegees off and leaves things draggy and pinchy in just a few minutes. However, for inserting a butt plug or something, it excels. It is slick, and it stays slick for a long while… long enough that I can wear a plug around for 3 hours and it comes right back out with zero drag.

Gun Oil For Masturbation:

Again, Gun Oil Silicone is thin and slick. It also stays slick for a long while, so for masturbation it works extremely well (at least for me). With toys that I’m comfortable using silicone lubes with, Gun Oil lasts more than long enough to get off. As a “man and his hand” lube, it’s even better… but for a reason not related to jacking off at all.

You see, Gun Oil Silicone leaves my hand(s) super soft and moist after jacking off. It feels great while jacking off, but it’s like moisturizing everything (cock included) while I do so.

Overall Opinion Of Gun Oil Silicone Lube:

Gun Oil Silicone isn’t the best for anal thrusting play, but rocks for extended plug wear or masturbation.

Overall, I think Gun Oil Silicone lube rocks, but it’s a big suckfest for anal thrusting. For anything moving back and forth in my ass I prefer thicker lubes that last longer and don’t get squeegeed off. A big plus is that the Aloe/Vitamin E combo that I still think is just a sales gimmick does help moisturize skin, and the silicone forms a “protective” (it will keep moisture in or out of your skin… NO protection against STIs and the like) layer on the skin where it is used. I think it is worth a look, especially with the different size bottles so you can pick some up really cheap!

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The Breakdown

For Anal Play (Thrusting)


For Anal Play (Plugs)


For Jacking Off


Ingredients (Silicone, Vitamin E, Aloe)