Fun Toys G-Vibe Review

I was absolutely thrilled when Fun Toys responded to me begging to try their G-Vibe. They graciously (thanks so much you guys!) sent me a G-Vibe review unit completely free of charge in exchange for a completely unbiased review.

Now, I had admittedly forgotten about the G-Vibe being on it’s way, and was floored when it showed up. The only thing that shows up at this humble abode in boxes is sex toys, and I hurried to my room to pop the box open to see what had arrived.

I recognized the box instantly. It was my G-Vibe review unit!


I pulled out the charger (A USB charging cord) and plugged it up while I checked out the silicone. Normally, I’m stoked about new silicone just because it is new… but this was different. The silicone used in the construction of the G-Vibe is out of this world soft! It is only slightly firmer than my Fleshlight, and has a velvety feel to it. I left the G-Vibe to charge (I fully recommend a complete charge on ANYTHING recargeable before use) but about 30 minutes later I really just wanted to try it out.

Obviously, I’m a cisgender male and I don’t have the options of use with this toy that female anatomy provides. That being said: The G-Vibe blew everything I expected away.  I hooked my finger through the handy little “grip” hole, and used the G-Vibe to jack myself off. I occasionally would move it down to buzz away on the boys and at one point put the petals on my asshole and balls at the same time (that split is amazing!) and the feeling was FUCKING MAGIC. I’m not much for patterns (and even worse at describing vibe patterns) but I did enjoy the ease of cycling through them with the G-Vibe.

Things progressed, and I went back to jacking myself off with the G-Vibe. The best description I can give is that the velvety “petals” of the vibe were very lightly caressing my shaft,  and when I finally did cum it was a earth mover. My mind was blown (I tend to be a bit of a spaz when I cum, and even more so when it is a hard orgasm), as well as my load. I laid there for a few seconds until the G-Vibe buzzing away beside me started to tickle me, but I was still in awe. There was cum up on my chest, which is a true rarity here.

Oh Wait! You probably want the G-Vibe Review right?

This thing blew my mind away. It’s marketed primarily towards women, and those with female anatomy… but I think Fun Toys should REALLY make something for men now. It is USB rechargeable, made of super soft body safe silicone, and completely waterproof. I even like the bright pink that my G-Vibe is, because it adds more color to my toy storage unit.

The controls are easy to use. I mean super easy: One button to change patterns, two buttons for speed. Press the + button to speed up, press the – button to slow down (or turn it off) and press the pattern button to change patterns (watch the video at the end of the post to hear and “see” the patterns, as well as use ideas).
The petals are pretty damn flexible, which means you can spread them  to reach different parts of your anatomy at the same time (or squeeze them together for insertion!):

Final Verdict:

I love the G-Vibe by Fun Toys. The velvety feeling silicone, the flexible petals, the controls (and it’s USB rechargeable?!?) just make this a great toy. I hope to see a device designed specifically for penis or prostate stimulation from Fun Toys sometime soon, but in the meantime I’ll be using my G-Vibe often! If you want a good overview of the G-Vibe, check out the video below. It shows off the features for the toy and gives a damn good representation of the vibration patterns! Pick one up at Lovehoney through this link: