Fun Factory Stronic Zwei Review

Picture this: You’re sitting there, horny. You’ve got all kinds of sex toys, a partner, even a big bottle of lube sitting beside the bed…. but you want something different. Something new. Maybe your butt is craving some girth and thrusting, but your partner just isn’t up for it… What now?

That’s similar to where I was mentally when I first heard about the Stronic Zwei by Fun Factory. I didn’t have a partner, but I had a bunch of toys. I had big toys, small toys, buzzy toys, and even weird toys that didn’t do much for me. The idea of the Zwei though, it had me enthralled. (Thanks to BiLikesSciFi for sending me the Zwei to review!)

What Is The Fun Factory Stronic Zwei?

The Stronic Zwei is the second in Fun Factory’s Stronic line (Zwei is German for 2), a new type of sex implement called pulsators. They use what Fun Factory is calling “Drive” technology to thrust instead of vibrating:

What it does (in case you couldn’t check out the vid for whatever reason) is thrust back and forth instead of just buzzing/vibrating. A lot of folks have been looking for this particular innovation for YEARS. Instead of just being held in place, or being thrust by hand into the orifice of choice, the Stronic line is made to be inserted and then it just rocks and hammers away, leaving you to relax and enjoy the ride.

What Is The Stronic Zwei Made Of?

The insertable portion of the toy is made of body safe silicone and has a nice (but very very slightly draggy) matte finish, the handle is ABS (I believe) plastic with three buttons,  and the charger contacts are mystery metal (likely stainless steel).

What Features Does The Zwei Have?

It has 10 rhythms, is COMPLETELY waterproof. The video below is a Babeland Video and covers the Stronic Eins but the controls are the same, as are the rhythms:

How Big Is The Fun Factory Stronic Zwei?

The overall length from “base” to the tip of the “head” is jussst under 9″:

As for diameter, the largest part of the toy comes in at the 2″ mark:

And as far as insertable length, it comes in at  4.5 inches:

And then of course, the in hand shot:

How Can I Care For The Stronic Zwei By Fun Factory?

Cleaning The Zwei:

Use hot water and soap, toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution. Though the insertable portion is silicone, the internal components could be damaged at high heat levels. DO NOT BOIL or PUT IN THE DISHWASHER.

Charging The Stronic Zwei:

The video showed how to do it, but I wanted to make sure it was covered here too. The Zwei’s charger is a magnetic contact charger (the charger sticks to the charging contacts magnetically) and will pull itself to the toy when it is close enough for the magnetic field to work:

Lube Compatibility With The Zwei:

Because the insertable portion of the toy is body safe silicone, you can use water or oil based lubes with the Zwei. Some high quality silicone lubes may be acceptable, but if you want to try one you should always spot test first! (Vagina-having folks? Don’t put oil based lubes in your vaginas. This can cause issues with your body!)

Storing The Zwei:

I’m not certain if it came with a handy storage box or container, but I keep mine in a vintage American Tourister box (hard sides, locks and latches!) along with a few porn DVDS and lubes and stuff. You could certainly keep it in with your other toys if you wish!

My Experience With The Stronic Zwei

Let it be known that I had mentally built an altar for this toy. I was hung up on it, excited to finally get it here and get some play in with it. The Zwei ended up being a huge letdown for me though. I was rather frustrated the first time (I’ve had the Zwei since August of last year, and have only gotten around to reviewing it now… Partly out of being busy, partly out of getting frustrated writing about toys I wasn’t a huge fan of).

Well, while gearing up to write this review, I found a little booklet. It’s a Stronic Booklet with tips for different positions for use, and I just had to try the positions I could. My only experiences with Zwei so far had been laying on my stomach handsfree and laying on my stomach with a finger holding the base of the toy up.

And still… The Zwei is just a let down for me. It feels good when inserted, but the thrusting just isn’t strong enough (crank the electromagnet up, Fun Factory!) and the toy isn’t long enough for manual thrusting to be much fun either. I also feel like if there was more of a neck between the bulge and the “hilt” of the Zwei it would sit more comfortably and the thrusts would feel stronger. As it is, the thrusty motion is enough to shake the toy loose… even though it’s not enough to really satisfy the thrust-craving. Out of all the rhythms, the first one is the best for me and it’s still just…. not enough.

Overall Opinion (TL; DR) Of The Fun Factory Stronic Zwei

The Zwei gets a high score even though I don’t particularly like it.

The Stronic Zwei by Fun Factory isn’t a bad toy, it’s just underwhelming for me. It’s completely waterproof, rechargeable and easy to use. It’s also really innovative to have a toy that thrusts on it’s own, but therein lies the folly for my personal tastes:

It does thrust, but not forcefully enough for me.

That’s my personal judgement though, and I otherwise love the Zwei. It’s a well constructed, attractive toy and it’s gotten great reviews elsewhere. If you are interested and would like to pick one up, you can grab one from Shevibe or Good Vibes!