Fun Factory Duke

Digging through Good Vibrations new toys a while back, I found the Fun Factory Duke and it sat there calling my name. It was practically begging to be slipped in my butt and written about, so I got in touch with Good Vibes and asked about reviewing it. A few mix-ups with shipping (that were the shipping company’s fault, Good Vibes and Fun Factory were great through the whole process) and I got my Duke in exchange for an unbiased review.

What Is The Fun Factory Duke?

Fun Factory Duke

Admittedly, I was a little intrigued by the shape at first!

Fun Factory calls the Duke the “prince” of prostate stimulators (Hey, at least they know it’s for sure not gonna ever measure up to the Pure Wand…. Just saying. If the Pure Wand get’s unseated as King of my prostate there will be ceremonies and coronations). I don’t know that I’d call it the prince of prostate stimulators myself, but it has several pros and cons.

What Is The Duke Made Of?

Good intentions and German Dreams.

The insertable portion and the perineum arm are made of pure platinum cure silicone, and the vibrator (it’s removable and rechargeable) is made of ABS plastic with 2 metal contacts and a little button to change the pattern.

Fun Factory Duke Patterns

A lot of vibe-y toys have patterns and speeds, but the Duke doesn’t… (Product page says it has 8 speeds/patterns, there are only 5) It only has patterns:

  • Steady vibration
  • Stuttered vibration
  • Just a constant short pulse
  • This one is harder to explain.. It starts at a high point then slopes down to almost nothing before jumping back to the high point again.
  • This is a sort of modified stutter. It starts with rapid fire little bursts that get longer and longer before restarting with the rapid fire bursts again.

As in the video, you press the button for a few seconds to turn the vibe on then tap it to change patterns. The video says you have to hold the button down to turn it off, but after the 5th pattern it shuts off on it’s own also.

How To Care For The Fun Factory Duke

Fun Factory Duke Parts

These are the pieces of Duke: The Charger, Vibe, and the insertable piece.

Charging Duke:

fun factory duke charging

The little light? It doesn’t change, or go off… ever. So you have to guesstimate if it’s fully charged.

Duke is easy to charge (Fun Factory’s click n’ charge system rocks). You plug the charger up (I’m excited that Duke has a USB charger instead of a wall wart), then hold the charging end near the contacts on the toy and it will click into place. I plugged mine up and waited a day (there’s no indication of a complete charge that I could see) and decided that it was fully charged.

Cleaning Duke

The bullet is removable from the silicone portion of the toy, so you can clean the Duke pretty damn thoroughly. The silicone can be cleaned with soap and water, in the dishwasher, by boiling for a few minutes, with toy cleaner, or by wiping it down well with a 10% bleach solution.

The bullet is only splash proof, so I recommend wiping it down with a damp cloth (soap and water are okay, but be very very cautious with the water) or a toy cleaner cloth.

Lubing Duke

Since the Duke by Fun Factory is made of silicone, you’ll want to use water or oil based lubes. Either will be fine for anal use, but the vagina possessing toy users should stick with water based lubes only for vaginal use! Steer clear of silicone as it can ruin the surface of the toy.

Storing the Fun Factory Duke

The usual works: Nightstand, toybox, sockdrawer… It’s not very big. You could even put it in a dress shirt pocket in your closet if you wanted to.


My Experience With The Fun Factory Duke

This hurts to write… it really does. I had high hopes for the Duke, as it looked nice and I was expecting the weird head spur to cause more pressure on my prostate.

What happened instead was this:

Insertion was super easy… It slipped in quite easily with a bit of lube, but then the awkward started. It just feels weird inside my body, but most toys do the first time. I waited a few seconds then hit the power button, and could just baaarreeeellly feel the vibrations. I tried adjusting the toy relative to my body… No dice. I tried changing patterns… Nope. I tried kegeling…


You see, the Fun Factory Duke, despite it’s shape… has no real texture to “grip” with the sphincter, no bulge to keep it set, nothing… In fact, every time I tried to do a little kegel (which normally pokes and prods at my prostate), the Duke wanted to leave. I’ve had toys before that just didn’t want to stay put, but with work were manageable.

Not the Duke…. Short of holding it in with my hand (hello back spasms and arm cramps!), the Duke will not stay put. I thought about grabbing my Male Power thong to hold it in, but then… how would I press the button?!?

For me? The Duke was a pretty big letdown.

Overall Opinion (TL;DR) Of Fun Factory Duke

I was let down by the Fun Factory Duke. It wouldn’t stay in place and just overall felt awkward.

The Fun Factory Duke looked wonderful and with the success of some of Fun Factory’s other toys, I thought it would be a wonderful prostate stimulator. I was wrong… Unfortunately, the vibrations are weak and it just won’t stay inserted in my bottom at all. It may hold some value for those that have no issues keeping things situated in their butt, but for me the Fun Factory Duke is hard to recommend. It is made of silicone and ABS plastic though, so it’s a fairly safe toy for your body. When you factor in the removable vibe (which is usually where I’d say replace it with a We-Vibe Tango, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit well) it does offer some “bonus” value, but I’d recommend checking out other prostate stimulators that are less expensive (The Duke is $99). If you’d like to give the Duke a shot though, it can be purchased from Good Vibrations by clicking the links sprinkled through the review or by hitting the Good Vibrations banner below.