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With one final stroke, Eduard gripped her thick thighs and blew his white hot load deep inside her. A guttural roar filled the room as he came inside her; his energy completely spent.

“Damn Eddy….” Christina sighed as she pulled out of her.

She grabbed his arms and tugged him down for a kiss, letting her hands trail down his back as he came crashing back to Earth.

“Are you hungry? I can pull on some panties and cook something babe.” she asked, poking his little paunch of a stomach.

As she stood she could feel his cum leaking out of her; The thought of it flooded her tight little pussy as she pulled her panties on and headed for the kitchen. She opened the door on the fridge and grabbed some bacon, eggs, and a stick of butter. On the counter they went as she searched for her favorite little pan, the “egg pan”. She sat it on the stove, turning the flame up and putting some butter in.

“Baby, do you want one egg or two?” Christina shouted down the hall.

Eduard stepped out of the room, pulling his briefs up as he walked down the hall. He held up two fingers as he wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed on her neck before slapping her butt and sitting down at the table.

“Where in the hell did all of that come from Christina? I didn’t know you had that kind of fire in you..” Eduard asked as he lit a cigarette.

“Well, I was reading that 48 Tones Of Bullshit book and got a few ideas. It was fun… It was also a lot of fucking work just to get you to fuck me harder.” Christina giggled, tugging on his hair as the bacon sizzled behind her.

He feigned injury by grabbing his hair and pouting, and Christina quickly pulled his head into her breasts and kissed his forehead before yanking on a tuft of hair again and stepping back to the stove before he could react. She flipped the bacon while shaking her curvy little ass in his face, teasing him even more. Eduard just sat there watching… He knew what she was doing. She wanted to be bent over the table and fucked hard right then and there, but with bacon cooking he thought it best not take a chance on burning the house down.

He stood and walked to the fridge and grabbed a jug of orange juice. He sat it on the table and turned to grab a glass, but as he did Christina popped him on the ass with with a dishrag.

He whipped around and grabbed the dishrag out of her hand before she could do it again. She grinned at him and turned back to the stove, pulling the bacon out of the pan to let the grease drip from it when he cracked the dishrag against her ass. Instantly, a bright pink welt formed and she reached back to rub the tender spot.


He snapped the dishrag on her other cheek. She spun around to protest only to find him walking to the bathroom. She turned the fire under the pan off and followed him.