Doc Johnson P-Wand Review

Grace Love from Toyshop asked me to do some testing to help her flesh out the male offering on her site and sent me the Doc Johnson P-Wand in exchange for an unbiased review (in compliance with FTC standards).

What Is The Doc Johnson P-Wand?

Introduction shot of the Doc Johnson P-Wand on a scarlet red back ground.

The material looks beautiful but….

You are here wondering… What is it? What is the Doc Johnson P-Wand for?
It’s a simple (possibly the simplest) sex toy designed to stimulate the prostate. This particular prostate massager is designed to be inserted in your butt (some prostate toys apply pressure from the outside) where the internal arm will press against the prostate when you do a kegel.

What Is The P-Wand Made Of?

Erm… I’ll be entirely honest with you here… The P-Wand is marketed as pure silicone, but I’m a bit wary as there have been issues with Doc Johnson saying a toy was phthalate free when it wasn’t. I don’t particularly trust Doc Johnson’s “soft” (anything that isn’t metal or glass) sex toys, but I took this review to offer advice on some toys that are in a more affordable price range than some of the “luxury sex toys” I cover. Burlesque offers the P-Wand for $14.99 where a lot of the prostate massagers I cover are easily $50 or more.

How Big Is The Doc Johnson P-Wand?

The insertable portion of the toy is about 4 inches long and the perineal arm is approximately 2 inches long with a 1 inch “stimulator” node on the end for added external prostate stimulation. If you are new to prostate play, the P-Wand should be more than manageable as it’s a pretty slim toy (no bigger than the base of my pinky, even at the thickest point)!

Doc Johnson P-Wand with nickel for size comparison

That’s a nickel.

How Do You Care For The Doc Johnson P-Wand?

Cleaning The P-Wand

Since this particular toy is claimed to be made of 100% pure platinum silicone, you can rinse it with hot water and soap, throw it on the top rack of the dishwasher, boil it for 3-5 minutes, or use your choice of toy cleaner.

Lube Compatibility

I wholeheartedly recommend using water or oil based lubes only as silicone based lubes could cause the material to degrade. If you must use silicone lubes, I would spot test first!

Storing The P-Wand

It’s not a very big toy, so you can really store it just about anywhere. I would try to keep it away from other silicone toys that cost more though (just a precaution).

My Experience With The Doc Johnson P-Wand

Is one word enough here? Can I just say “disappointment“?

You would want more huh?

Well… I pulled the P-Wand out of it’s package and the first thing I noticed was that the Doc Johnson logo/name on the toy… is messed up:

The logo on the Doc Johnson P-Wand is backwards.

I shitteth you not, that’s the logo… upside down.

(There was much friendly debate with Property Of Potter over whether it is messed up. What do you think?)

I don’t know about you, but when a company doesn’t even care enough to check something to make sure THEIR LOGO is correct on the toy… It worries me.

I wiped it down good with a toy cleaner cloth, checking the flexibility too:

Doc Johnson P-Wand Prostate Massager Flexed Out To Show How Flexible It Is

It takes VERY little to flex it like this.

This thing is really flexible. So flexible in fact that before I even made it to insertion I was already disenchanted. I need firm pressure against my prostate for it to feel good and this isn’t very firm at all. You may like toys that are a bit firmer than overcooked spaghetti, but they leave me quite frustrated.

When I finally did endeavor to insert the Doc Johnson P-Wand, I was very underwhelmed. It felt like someone sticking a very unenthusiastic finger in my butt… Except for the fact that it wasn’t warm, and wasn’t rigid enough to provide any good sensation.

And the slippage! Oh, the slippage… The P-Wand is so slim that even when I was consciously trying to hold it inside with my butt, it still kept slipping out just a bit at a time (which completely ruins the orgasmic build up for me). This thing was horrid for me, but your mileage may vary.

Overall Opinion Of The Doc Johnson P-Wand

The P-Wand by Doc Johnson seems like a joke to me overall.

I feel like the Doc Johnson is just a shameless shot at your wallet to be entirely honest… There doesn’t seem to be any point that makes the P-Wand recommendable except for maybe the fact that it is slim enough that even absolute beginners should feel fine inserting it. It doesn’t stay inserted like it should, it isn’t firm enough to offer good sensations for me, and I’m still wary of Doc Johnson’s products after the James Deen “phthalate free” dildo scandal (Doc Johnson claims the toy is phthalate free to this date even though independent testing found it to be 61% Bis(2-ethylhexylhexahydrophthalate)). I recommend saving your money for a better product.