Day Tres: More Erotica, More Badass

Preface: This is the 3rd chunk of erotica in a series by mois. Checkout the first few pieces here by clicking the links below, and then come read this. It will make more sense then (and before you leave, subscribe for future updates!)

Eduard And Christina: First Piece
Eduard And Christina: Second Piece

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“Do you want to taste my pussy?” Christina moaned, staring into Eduard’s eyes.

He nodded quickly, at this point frustratingly tired of being restrained. He was lying though… There was no desire to taste her, but he wanted to be free. Eduard wanted so badly to be let loose from his bonds and to hold Christina down while he fucked her silly for the torment she had inflicted on him.


Christina tossed the vibe on the bed beside her and stood up, stepping around the chair behind him before slowly tilting the whole chair back onto the floor.

“You cruel whore, I wanted loose so I could fuck your brains out!” Eduard yelled at her, completely overcome with carnal need.

His mouth opened to scream at her more, but as it did she was squatting over his face. Her pussy silenced his anger rather quickly as she leaned forward, taking the head of his cock between her scarlet red lips. Christina smeared her sweet, wet sex all over his face as she bobbed up and down sucking on his engorged cock.

She stopped sucking for a minute and her whole body tensed up. Christina bore down hard and Eduard’s chin bumped her clit… It was all over. She spasmed all over and started shrieking as her cunt gushed all over his face, her sweetness coating his neck and hair.

“Oh fuck….” Christina sighed, standing up on wobbly legs.

She leaned forward and untied only one hand, and then jumped into the bed. As Eduard struggled to quickly untie his other hand she grabbed the little black vibe again and put it to her clit. She smiled, knowing it would take him a minute or two to figure out how to untie his legs in such an awkward position.

“You alright Eddy?” giggled Christina, knowing that when he finally did extricate himself from the chair she was going to get fucked hard.

Eduard stood up with a crazed look in his eye and took a step toward the bed. Halfway through the second step he passed out completely. The sudden drop in blood pressure had done him in.

“Are you okay?!?” Christina jumped up, shaking Eduard as he came to.

Blinking, Eduard glanced around the room.

“What in the fuck just happened?” Eduard asked, still in a lightheaded daze.

Christina pulled his head into her lap and ran her hands through his hair as she told him he had passed out for a few seconds. As she spoke, Eduard was coming back to his own mind and his cock was stiffening. He hadn’t forgotten what she had pulled, and it was time for her to pay.

In a blur, Eduard pushed her onto her back and grabbed an ankle in each hand. He stared into her eyes, waiting for some sort of protest but all she did was grin at him… One very hard thrust and he had buried his cock entirely inside her body. Unintelligible moans and sighs fell from her mouth as he started forcefully fucking her hot little pussy, her flesh rippling with each deep stroke.

“Take it all!” Eduard demanded, leaning forward into the back of her legs.

He hammered away at her tight cunt as sweat formed on his brow and his body began to tighten.