Chunklet 6: (The Erotica is) Still Coming

Preface: This is the 6th chunk of erotica in a series by mois. Checkout the first few pieces here by clicking the links below, and then come read this. It will make more sense then (and before you leave, subscribe for future updates!)

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Her spit and drool was running down his shaft in little frothy rivulets as she sucked and slurped at his veiny member; her head bobbing furiously as she tugged gently at his balls. All the while her eyes were locked on his face.

“Christina, if you keep that up I’m going to cum..” Eduard proclaimed foolishly.

With renewed vigor Christina pushed her mouth even further down the shaft of his cock, as if trying to swallow it whole. Her eyes were watering like crazy but she continued sucking and fellating him like her life depended upon the few spurts of hot cum he would soon spray into her throat. She stopped for just a moment and spit on her finger before rubbing her makeshift lube on his tight asshole.

“I swear to Go..” Eduard tried to speak.

Christina had taken his cock back into her greedy mouth and quickly plunged her finger deep into his waiting bottom, where she hooked her finger towards his navel and prodded at his prostate. Eduard’s hips began bucking up towards her face as a world melting orgasm took over control of his entire being and he spurt after spurt of his hot cum drained into her waiting throat.

He tried speaking again, but she kept prodding away inside of him and coaxing more of his seed from within. She finally stopped when his asshole quit flexing around her finger and slowly slipped it out of his body. Her hands ran up over his little potbelly as she stood, swallowing the huge load of cum before leaning in to kiss him.

“That was for ruining your shower… Forgive me?” Christina asked him.

All he could do was nod as his speaking ability had fled him completely. His brain was awash in a warm dopamine bath; his nervous system was wrapped in the same warm glow of a small shot of heroin. Christina draped his towel lightly over his crotch before kissing his forehead and heading to the bedroom to finally get some sleep. Eduard was not long behind her; The night’s activities had drained him of all ambition to do anything but hold her and sleep.

The next morning as Eduard woke to the bleating of his alarm clock, he heard a blood curdling scream from the kitchen. He hurried to see what the hell was going on and found Christina beating something on the counter with a pan.

“What in the hell?!” screamed Eduard, scaring Christina.

She spun with the pan in her hand, narrowly missing Eduard’s face before falling into his arms. He held her as she sobbed and looked on the counter. Christina had bludgeoned a small mouse into a crimson paste and she was crying uncontrollably as she tried to explain what happened.

Eduard was disgusted but at the same time trying so hard not to laugh at what she had done. The mouse had run across the counter while she was chopping some tomato to make breakfast before it’s life was cut incredibly short by the plump woman beating it repeatedly with a small saucepan.

“Go get dressed and we’ll go out for a bit. I’ll clean this mess up while you get ready.” Eduard told her, kissing her forehead to reassure her.

She had managed to sling the tomatoes she already had in the pan all over the kitchen while ending it’s existence rather brutally, but was so upset she couldn’t have possibly cleaned the mess herself.