Chavez Dezignz Blue Thrust Review

A few weeks ago,  Chavez Dezignz tweeted a picture of the Blue Thrust. I’d heard much squealing and delight over their other designs since I began this whole endeavor and I shot a message over to see if I could review the Blue Thrust (whatever it’s marketed as, I’m calling it a prostate toy) and she graciously set me up with one in exchange for an unbiased review.

What Is The Blue Thrust?

The Blue Thrust is a Chavez Dezignz original that isn’t officially targeted at anyone, but the shape? It’s a prostate massager, straight up. Those with a g-spot may also get some mileage out of the shape. It’s one of many Chavez designs that are made for pleasure and Chavez rocks some of the most out there Seussian shapes I’ve seen in an “indie” toy manufacturers lineup. Chavez has all sorts of stuff:

What Are The Blue Thrust’s Details/How Can I Take Care Of It?


Blue Thrust Material:

Platinum Cured Silicone

Chavez Designz Blue Thrust Size:

8 1/2″ 
Insertable length:
6 1/4″ 
4 1/4″ 
1 3/8″ 
0.5 lb 

Cleaning The Blue Thrust (Or Any Solid Silicone Sex Toy):

You can clean yours with any of the methods that usually work with silicone (boiling, 10% bleach solution, sex toy cleaner, top rack of the dishwasher, or soap and hot water).

Blue Thrust Lube Compatibility:

Lube options are going to be oil or water based lube unless you’d like to spot test, I play it safe and use water based lubes.

Storing The Blue Thrust:

Storing the Blue Thrust is also straight forward: Put it somewhere “cool” (don’t store it in the oven) and away from jelly toys/nasties you don’t want in your body.

My Experience With The Blue Thrust:

When I received the Blue Thrust, I was excited (shipping took about 5 days). It’s a substantial toy and one of the heftiest prostate massagers I’ve encountered… High hopes were built up, but due to heat and overall blahness towards butt play for a few days (Yes, it happens… Even to me.) it took me several days to get a few play sessions in.

(When I finally did get around to playing, I had internet issues that reminded me of the late 90’s when I’d start a clip downloading and it would be done the next morning… for a 30 second clip that was horrendous quality. WiMax sucks. Avoid it like the plague.)

After getting to the nitty gritty silky smooth of playing with the Blue Thrust (No real texture to speak of and the glossy silicone makes it super slippery), I enjoyed it for a bit. The head and shaft of the toy felt comfy and I didn’t mind the overall feeling of having it inserted.

The issue though, is that there’s nothing to keep it in. Kegels meant anal propulsion, anal propulsion meant slipping. Slipping meant lots of buttfrustration. So… I sat up a bit and used my bed to hold it in place while I kegeled with it inserted. No slipping out anymore, but there wasn’t much else either.

It must be stated that I like intense sensation. My favorite prostate massager is the Pure Wand, and that’s because I can insert it and tug the inserted end (rather violently at times) against my prostate until I’m absolutely leaking precum. Other toys hit the spot, but if it’s something that doesn’t really transmit a sensation, I find it lacking.

The Blue Thrust? It doesn’t have a texture or anything that prods forward at my prostate, so it’s largely a disappointment for me. I didn’t even get the faint tickle of a prostate massage that isn’t firm enough, I just got a wet spot on the bed where lube ran off of the silicone of the toy.

Overall Experience With The Blue Thrust By Chavez Dezignz:

The Blue Thrust is a beautiful toy, but it just doesn’t do much for me. Your mileage may vary.

The Blue Thrust is a beautiful design (I LOVE the way it looks) but it could stand to see some improvement. Those that look for a more subtle prostate prodding could fall in love, but in the end it’s not right for me. At $49.99 it’s a good grab if you are looking for a prostate toy that isn’t justttt like everyone else’s. You can pick one up from Chavez Dezignz.