We’re pretty sure that you’ve heard the name of Aneros somewhere even if you haven’t used sex toys yourself. And, if you haven’t heard about them, let us be the first to tell you, Aneros is one of the finest producers of sex toys and have been putting out incredible toys for more than a decade. This article will talk about the company in detail as well as review some of their top products so you know what to order right after closing this tab…



Aneros came into business around 2003. This was when sex toys were starting to really gain popularity and you could say Aneros was one of the companies that held the hands of the world as it ushered into the era of modern day sex toys. And, as we said before, the company has managed to become of the largest vendors of adult toys worldwide.

The Products

One look at their products and you know that Aneros doesn’t mess around. Every centimeter of their toy is designed to perfection. They make their toys to hit the exact spot and that is why they’re so good. If some of you have tried out Aneros, you’ve probably thought that this toy was made specifically for you. And, this is the true beauty of these toys.

If you’re intent on the specifics, Aneros only makes sex toys for men. So, if you’re a woman looking for toys, we’re sorry, but these bad boys are just exclusive to men. Aneros’ main focus is their prostate massagers. Aneros has two different category of products. They have their Kegel massagers that are supposed to be used for treatment of rectum-related problems and are actually prescribed medically. The second category deals with the playful use of the toy.

Aneros products are typically advertised as “hands-free”. What the company means by the term hands-free is that the toys are meant to used naturally without having to product simulations manually. Your rectal muscles do the whole job, all you need to do is insert the toy and then  move around to create the sensations that will eventually drive you to an orgasm.

The Community

The best part about buying an Aneros toy (other than the fact that they’re absolutely friggin’ amazing), is that you’re not just another customer, you’re becoming part of a community of millions. Aneros has a forum page where their countless customers come together to help people that don’t have the most experience getting kinky with their anus. The community is actually pretty helpful. Just start a thread and you’ll actually get helpful information the same day. If that doesn’t work, you could always contact Aneros through their email or number (given on their website).

Best Selling Aneros Toys

Now that you know a little bit about the company and exactly what they make, let’s get on to their interesting part of this article; their best toys. And, just to put it out there, Aneros has some absolutely amazing products, and making this list was quite problematic. However, here’s our personal opinion on five of the finest toys Aneros has ever made.

Aneros Eupho Syn

Aneros Eupho Syn

Aneros Eupho Syn is quite honestly, THE name in the world of prostate massagers. This is an upgraded version of the old Eupho toy that Aneros released. The toy looks pretty simple, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye. You can clearly see the curvy design of the Eupho Syn is unlike any other sex toy out there. It’s curves are engineered to perfection to make sure that it hits the prostate of every guy out there. Aneros has boldly claimed that the shape of their toys are good for 98% of men out there. And, after seeing and using the Eupho Syn, you will also believe this claim.

The second interesting feature of this toy is the material. Just like any other high-quality sex toy, it’s made of premium-grade silicone. But, the unique part is the velvety finish of the toy. It feels absolutely amazing on the skin and even more incredible on the prostate. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie, or an pro with prostate massagers, the material of this luxury toy will surprise you and rock you to your very core.

The toy itself is pretty slim and easy to insert. Aneros recommends using a water-based lubricant with the toy to make usage way more comfy.To sum up the discussion, here are a few pros and cons of this toy.


  • Extremely comfortable velvet touch silicone
  • Slick design
  • Small head allowing for easier insertion
  • The silicone material makes the product odorless
  • Great no-hands approach to simulate the prostate
  • The swirly handle makes insertion a piece of cake


  • You might not be satisfied with the size of the Eupho Syn. The toy is definitely smaller for some people.
  • One could argue that the price is high even for a great toy like the Eupho Syn.

Aneros Progasm

Aneros Progasm

The name says it all, this is the toy you want to use to give you that pro orgasm. The toy is nothing but brilliance, just like the Syn discussed earlier, this product from Aneros is also designed to perfection. The flawless structure of this toy hits just the places you’d want it to.

The best feature of this toy is that it was made back in 2007. Before 2010, most toys being made had only one thing in mind, sexual pleasure. The Progasm was made before the era of luxurious silicone sex toys and hefty prices. The product is basically a piece of ABS plastic, and quite honestly, that is what makes it so damn good. The plastic is completely safe and phthalates-free; other than that, the material is also durable, meaning that even if you bought this toy back in 2007, its probably still alive and kicking.

The second thing worth mentioning is that this toy is huge. Well, not as huge as you’d expect (its not a dildo), but as compared to other prostate massagers, it’s massive. Sitting at a respectable length of 6 inches, it’s the perfect toy for experienced guys that have lost the fun in small massagers. It’s huge size makes it slightly difficult to pop in and may even feel painful for the first few minutes. But, that feeling only persists for a few minutes before your body gets used to the device. Insertion is difficult, so Aneros decided to make the job slightly easier by adding a couple of handles to the bottom of the toy.


  • Huge size sets it way apart from its competition
  • Skin and body-safe ABS plastic
  • The handles make the task of insertion that much easier
  • Hands-free functionality, same as all Aneros products
  • ABS plastic material means that the toy is really easy to clean


  • A toy made of ABS Plastic material shouldn’t be this expensive; but anyone that uses it once doesn’t complain about the price tag.

Aneros Vice

The most-highlighted feature of the Aneros Vice is the bulb-like structure of the toy. The sensation is quite amazing as each one of the bulb pops in. This makes the Vice different from literally every other prostate massager out there. Even inserting it is a pleasurable experience.

Oh, and Aneros Vice is a vibrating toy. There’s a bullet vibrator tucked nicely inside the toy. The vibrator has 3 vibration modes and three levels of intensity, just a push of a button away. But, if you’re not into that new vibration stuff, you could simply remove the vibrator and voila! You have an old school prostate massager at your service.

The other toys from Aneros are also hands-free, but a massager with a vibrator is the best you can pretty much hope for. You don’t even need to move around for your muscles to do all the work, the vibrator will do all the work. The Vice is great if you’re just chilling out after a tough day and want to have some fun to relax.


  • Vibrator with several vibration patterns
  • Vibrator is removable
  • The design makes insertion a challenging, but fun task
  • Aneros’ standard, but amazing design that hit the Male G-spot
  • Premium silicone material


    • The packaging could be slightly better
    • Bigger for novices, make sure you know what you can endure before buying the toy


You can also check out the Aneros Helix Syn.