Aneros Vice 2

Whenever you’re trying to purchase sex toys as a guy, Aneros is a name that will probably pop up a lot in the recommended section. The people over there at Aneros are making remarkable sex toys every single day and Vice just goes ahead and proves this claim. However, we’re going to let you decide if the toy is really worth it’s salt. Here’s everything you need to know about the Aneros Vice.


First thing about the Vice that you see on the exterior is the huge badge gloating about how the Vice was awarded with AVN’s “O” Award. A nice piece of information that definitely makes you feel more comfortable about your new purchase. Apart from that, there’s the name of the toy with small pictures of the toy. The combination of red and black on the outside does look pretty fancy.

Inside, you will find the Vice resting in it’s compartment. The only flaw with the packaging is the flimsy plastic in the interior, but that doesn’t take anything away from the toy. Apart from the toy, the following stuff is included in the box.

  • Steel Vibrator
  • Battery
  • User Manual


The motor on this thing is actually really strong; stronger than you’d expect on a prostate massager. The best thing is that the vibrator goes all the way up to the tip of the massager. Unlike other prostate vibrators, it won’t just stimulate your rectum, but your prostate as well.

There’s a lot of different vibration modes too. A tiny part of the vibrator sticks out below the toy. This part contains a button that can be used to turn the vibrator on/off as well as shuffle through the vibration patterns They can be classified into three categories.

  • Constant Vibrations: There’s nothing too pretty about this mode. This just makes the motor vibrate without any special stuff.
  • To And Fro: This mode is great to start off. The vibrations are similar to a clock pendulum. A really good way to warm up.
  • Tap: Now, this is the mode where the action starts to get really intense. The motor ‘taps’ really fast and gets you that much closer to the big O.


Just like any other Aneros toy, the Vice is made of premium-quality silicone. It’s phthalates-free, making it body and skin safe. Without the vibrator inserted, the silicone is actually pretty flexible and will fit any type of rectum easily.


The design of this toy is another thing that makes it one of the finest prostate vibrators in the world today. The toy has huge bulbous portions which feel painful while inserting, but it’s the good type of pain.

The massager has a length of 4 inches and the vibrator is also the same length. There’s also a 3.5 inch long base on this toy to ensure that there is no risk of the toy slipping inside.