Aneros Progasm Review

I want to thank Property Of Potter for letting me know that Good Vibes was looking for reviewers, and Risa Goodman from Good Vibes for giving me an opportunity to work with them. Good Vibrations provided the Aneros Progasm in exchange for an unfiltered, unbiased review!

A Little About Aneros And The Aneros Progasm

Aneros is a company that started out producing toys designed with male anatomy in mind, specifically to target the prostate. They have since started making toys for women as well, and their products are well-regarded world wide (for the most part). The Aneros Progasm is a prostate massager designed for hands free use and to aid in pursuit of the “Super-O”  (an orgasm requiring no cock stimulation, that feels entirely different and has no refractory period). The Aneros Progasm is the largest Aneros prostate massager to date, as shown in the model comparison below:

There is also a model note chart, that offers specifics about how each model differs from it’s brethren:

I won’t reiterate what is available in the chart in it’s entirety, but the Aneros Progasm is meant for more advanced users of Aneros toys, both due to it’s size and the fact that the neck isn’t as thin as other models (the neck’s thickness changes how much the head moves against the prostate, and a beginner’s pubococcygeus muscles may not be adequate for moving the Aneros Progasm, but doing Kegels can help strengthen this muscle group!).

How Do I Use The Aneros Progasm?

Realistically, if you are getting the Aneros Progasm you “should” already have some experience with some sort of prostate massager, especially firmer hands free models. The way it works is this:

  • Unpackage and clean the Aneros Progasm with hot water (always clean your toys before use, even if they are new)
  • Lube the head of the Aneros Progasm, and insert it with the “point” of the head pointed towards your navel. It may help to lube both the Progasm and your ass, but make sure to use plenty of lube (Tip: When you think you have enough, double it.)
  • Lay back. Seriously, you DO NOT WANT TO SIT with this thing in… more on that in the experience section!
  • Resist urges to play with your cock. That’s not the goal here, but if you can’t do without it… go ahead.
  • Focus mentally on your lower body, and start Kegeling.
  • From there, pay attention to your body. Kegeling will move the Aneros Progasm against your prostate (the tabs will press into your perineum and the accupressure point for your “Kundalini” energy), so do what feels good for you. If slow kegels feel good, do those. If you need fast stim, do fast bursts.
  • Ride the sensations out.

It is quite possible that you won’t achieve a “Super-O” your first (or tenth, or twentieth) time, as the process is different for everyone. The Aneros line definitely has a learning curve, and what applies to my body may not apply to yours.

How Do I Care For/Clean The Aneros Progasm?

Well: You can wipe it down with your choice of toy cleaner, isopropyl alcohol, a 10% bleach solution, or give it a rinse with hot water and antibacterial soap. Because the Aneros Progasm is hard plastic (abs, specifically) you can use whatever lube you like with it! I prefer a drop of silicone mixed in with Maximus.

How Does The Aneros Progasm Look?

It’s a very glossy black plastic “T”. There isn’t a lot to describe, so I’ll just show you:

Aneros progasm

Aneros progasm

Experience With Aneros Progasm

I had high hopes coming into this… I had heard so many wonderful things about Aneros products, and was expecting instant gratification. That was dumb of me. I know that “Super-O’s” take build up, work, and focus.

The Aneros Progasm has a great insertable portion. It hits right where it needs to, and keeps doing so until you are done, be it 15 minutes or an hour and a half to hit a Super O (I feel like pointing out that “Super O” is hype branding at it’s best. A “Super O” is a prostate orgasm, plain and simple.). I love the sleek design and the appearance of the product, plus the fact that it is made of hard plastic (lube goes so much further with hard plastic!). It feels really good when you are lying down, and the tabs are great when lying down or standing….
but,  they really fucking suck when sitting. If I can’t sit without feeling like I’m being cudgeled around my butthole by lilliputian warriors hell bent on ruining my day, then we have a problem. Aneros, please consider some comfort covers or something to go over these tabs! Also: The extra piece of plastic on the underside, where the branding is… I get that it there has to be brand placement somewhere, but if you skipped that annoying (if it were gone, the tabs wouldn’t be as bad… but they would still be annoying little douchey balls of plastic) piece on 10 Progasms, you would have enough to make an 11th. Think efficiency here!

Final Complaint, though I didn’t have to pay for mine: WHY IN THE WORLD IS A $2.00 PIECE OF PLASTIC BEING SOLD AT A $60 PRICE POINT?  I know approximately what ABS costs per pound in bulk, and there is NO REASON for this to be that expensive in a plastic form. Consider selling a new version at a cheaper price point, and then converting people!

Final Verdict On Aneros Progasm

The Aneros Progasm is a great prostate massager with a few flaws. The tabs for the perineum and “k-spot” can be downright painful while sitting, and could be improved greatly with either a broader stimulation point or by coating them in a squishy silicone. Overall, it can provide some wonderful orgasms, but it has a pretty significant learning curve as it is meant to be used entirely hands free once inserted. I’ll be modifying mine for comfort (oh, the joys of ABS plastic and silicone sample discs) and posting a modified version sometime soon! If you would like to pick one up,  head over to Good Vibrations and get one today: