Aneros Progasm Jr Review

A while back, Aneros lobbed a box of loot my way in exchange for a review. Some lube, a shirt, a lanyard, the Aneros Eupho Syn, and the Progasm Jr. My life has been more all over the place than I’ll ever be able to enjoy, but I finally got around to using the Progasm Jr (which my hands seem to think is the Prograsm Jr). As usual, the products were exchanged for an unbiased review.

What Is The Aneros Progasm Jr?

Quite simply, it’s the smaller, more manageable version of the Progasm (that’s a link to my review of the Progasm). It’s really just a bit smaller with a few subtle changes. Both are prostate massage devices by Aneros (obviously),  but the Jr has slimmer tabs for the K-Spot and perineum and also skips the tab on the bottom side of the toy. Here’s a modified pic from the Aneros site that shows the basic profiles of the two toys:


What’s The Progasm Jr Made Of & How Big Is It?

ABS plastic, sexploring friends. No blends, no complicated formulas. Injection molded (I believe) ABS plastic, which means a few things:

  • Progasm Jr is non-porous.
  • Progasm Jr is legion.
  • Progasm Jr doesn’t forgive.
  • Progasm Jr doesn’t forg… Oh, wait… That’s Anonymous.

Seriously though, it’s made of solid ABS plastic. It’s hard, and unforgiving. It won’t make you sandwiches. It could make you come buckets though.

Size Info For The Progasm Jr

I’ll let a picture from the Aneros site explain all of this:

They really hit all the bases with their measurements in this pic.

How Can You Take Care Of Your Very Own Progasm Jr?

Lubing The Progasm Jr:

It’s ABS plastic! You can use whatever works for you with no issues. Except for numbing lube because that shit is bad for you.

Cleaning The Progasm Jr:

You can use hot water and soap, a 10% bleach solution, toy cleaner, a UV chamber and a cold water rinse, leave it laying in the sun for a few months, lasers, the dishwasher, or just shoot it into space where gamma rays will annihilate the bacteria (or send Bruce Banner booty bugs back, YMMV). What I mean here is use any method you want to clean it, but keep the temp below 221 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s when the Progasm Jr will start to melt. It might be a bit pliable in boiling water though. (Use your mind, friends. If you need to adjust it, boiling water and rags is the way to go.)

Storing The Progasm Jr:

Why do I even type this? Throw it somewhere safe. I wouldn’t store it in a box of glass shards (somewhere soft would be good).

My Experience With The Progasm Jr:

I stuck it in my butt, and I did some kegels. (I’m trying to cut down on saying unnecessary things, so bear with me here.) It feels good, but I still have issues hitting the fabled Super O with just my butt in control of the motions. The K-Spot and perineum tabs are less painful on the Jr than the original Progasm, but still an annoyance. The lack of the bottom tab is amazing though, because that was one of my biggest complaints about the original Progasm (so much so that I sawed it off and then sanded the base smooth). It hits my prostate in a very subtle way, but that’s okay. Sometimes a feather is better than a nuke.

Overall Opinion Of The Progasm Jr:

Overall, the Progasm Jr is a pretty good little beast. It’s not the best, but worth a look.

The Progasm Jr is nice, but it’s still off for me. If the arms of the base were flexed out more (so as to be less stabby), and the tabs had a soft cover on them, I’d be way more pleased. As it stands, the Progasm Jr is a much better toy than the Progasm if only for increased comfort in use.

Big thanks to Aneros for sending it out!