Every Aneros toy we’ve ever reviewed has been nothing other than just praise and appreciation for the brand and the quality products it has been consistently creating. And to sum up this review right at the start, we’re not going to do anything but shower Aneros with gratitude due to their Helix Syn. We’ll get into the specifics so you can see exactly what makes the Syn so special.


Aneros is pretty notorious for being really flashy with their packaging and the exterior of the Helix Syn reflects just that. The package is a beautiful blend of red and black with the massager and the name embedded on the front. The case opens up like a flap with the Helix Syn sitting pretty inside. The interior also looks pretty sweet with all that red going on.

One small downfall in the packaging is that Aneros didn’t really pack much. The only two things included in the box are the massager and a user manual. There’s no lube, no cleaning material or even a carrying bag. You’re going to have to buy all that separately.


The material is where the Helix Syn really outshines its predecessor, the Syn. Syn already had an amazingly soft and comfy silicone material but the Helix went all out and included and even more softer material to maximize comfort. One thing is certain, the Helix Syn will never feel uncomfortable or irritating at all.

Another great thing about the material is that you can clean it with absolute ease. Simply rinse it below running water to get all the stuff off of it and use some disinfectant to get rid of the bacteria. Unlike regular silky silicone, the Helix Syn doesn’t catch up to dust easily. You can leave this thing on your shelf without having to clean it before and after every use.


  • Ergonomically designed Aneros prostate massager for out-of-this-world P-spot stimulation
  • Redesigned from the original Aneros Helix for sleeker sensations and enhanced comfort
  • Coated with premium silicone for a hypoallergenic, velvet-smooth experience
  • Self-pivoting design, 4 inches of insertable length and a slender girth of 3 inches give gratifying fulfillment
  • Rounded, bulbous tip for easy insertion
  • Firm, angled shaft with ergonomic ripples provides precise, form-fitting stimulation
  • Flared base with P-tab stops unwanted travel and adds external sensations


Well, you can probably guess this from the name ‘helix’ that there will be some spinny curvy stuff in this toy. The curved design ensures that the toy hits the prostate perfect and massages it without any added pressure. Apart from that, the toy has a huge base to ensure that the toy doesn’t slip too far in during play.

According to Aneros, this massager is a hands-free sex toy. This means that you won’t need to thrust the toy back and forth yourself, coordinated body movements will do the job just fine. This is where we should warn some of the beginners. This toy is pretty advanced stuff with an insertable length of 4 inches. Plus, it’s meant to be used hands-free which takes a bit of experience in butt play.