Aneros Eupho Syn Review

On the heels of the Salon article where Rachel Kramer Bussel mentioned myself and men’s toys, Aneros dropped a message to see if I’d be interested in reviewing a few of their products. I graciously accepted and they sent out the Eupho Syn, Progasm Jr. in exchange for unbiased reviews. I also got a bit of swag (a shirt, bag, and lanyard!)

I’ve already reviewed the original Progasm here!

What Is The Aneros Eupho Syn?

It’s a very modernistic and sleek looking toy.

(portions of this review are copied from my Progasm review because the company information and basic idea are the same)

Aneros is a company that started out producing toys designed with male anatomy in mind, specifically to target the prostate. They have since started making toys for women as well, and their products are well-regarded world wide (for the most part). The Aneros Eupho Syn, just as the Progasm,  is a prostate massager designed for hands free use and to aid in pursuit of the “Super-O”  (an orgasm requiring no cock stimulation, that feels entirely different and has no refractory period). The Aneros Eupho Syn is one of the most advanced (user level) Aneros prostate massagers to date, as shown in the model comparison below:


The Eupho Syn is for Aneros users that have both learned to manipulate the the Aneros with their muscles better and also to focus on the sensations. The slimmer stem lends to more movement, but it’s also a harder toy to control.

How Do I Use The Eupho Syn By Aneros?

This is a bit trickier… In the Progasm review I laid out a basic tutorial for getting started, and while that holds true… There are a few points of note for using Aneros toys:

  1. You want to be very well lubed: More lube equals more sensation and easier insertion.
  2. You want to be “empty”: The more room the head of the toy has to move, the more sensation it is capable of.
  3. You want to have plenty of time: Aneros toys aren’t like masturbation sleeves where you crank an orgasm out in a few minutes and then go about your business. It takes time to learn about your body and pursue a Super-O.
  4. You may take an hour to reach your first Super-O, you may take a week, a month, or several months. No two users are the same, so what works perfectly for me may not work for you.

All of that being said, the basics for use are this:

Clean the Eupho Syn well before use (yes, straight from the package).

Do whatever prep your body needs (be it pooping, doing an enema, or even doing a handstand and flopping your genitals against the wall).

Lube it up, lube yourself up, and even squirt lube inside your butt (Lube shooters make life much easier, but you can also use a children’s medicine syringe).

Slip it in and do your thing.

How Can You Care For Aneros Eupho Syn?

Cleaning The Eupho Syn:

Use toy cleaner, soap and water, or a 10% bleach solution. The plastic is kinda thin in places, so boiling and running it through the dishwasher are out!

Eupho Syn Lube Compatibility:

Water and Oil based lubes are gonna be your go-to lubes here. You could spot test with silicone lubes, but there aren’t a lot of places to test on this so I would just stick to water or oil based lubes.

Storing The Eupho Syn:

The Eupho isn’t huge.  It’s low profile enough that you really can keep it just about anywhere… your sock drawer, night stand.. you get the idea!

My Experience With Aneros Eupho Syn

I had to use this picture. I couldn’t stop myself.

First, it should be noted that this is a preliminary review. Each Aneros toy is different in the amount of time it takes to really get familiar with, and the Euphos Syn is one of the more advanced models. It will likely take months for me to get the full experience out of it, but I felt like it was still worth a share even now.

When I opened it and saw it the first time, I was less than excited. It’s slim (smaller in diameter than my pinky) and I really prefer larger toys…. But the Eupho was surprising. Once I was lubed up (again, I lubed myself, the toy, and squirted lube in my butt) it slipped in easily.

At first, it was a bit off putting. The Eupho Syn isn’t substantial enough to be thrilling for me (lifeless finger in the butt, anyone?) but as I sat there and started flexing my muscles it got better. In fact, it got much better. The awkwardness faded and things moved slowly to a more sexy feeling. The Eupho is definitely subtle… Thirty minutes in and I could just barely feel my prostate waking up.

I would liken it to someone finding you in bed and waking you up slowly instead of running in with a Super Soaker and spraying your face.

I didn’t reach a handsfree Super-O. I didn’t even come close… but it felt good and I’m still trying (and my regular orgasm was WAY more intense than if I had used nothing at all).

Overall Opinion (TL;DR) Of Aneros Eupho Syn

The Eupho Syn is for those with advanced muscle control and takes time to get used to.

The Aneros Eupho Syn is a pretty bad ass LITTLE prostate toy… It hits the right spot for me and is made of safe materials, but is to subtle to be a toy for “get it and quit it” play sessions. Over several stints of playing, I’ve still not hit a Super-O with the Eupho… but that isn’t the fault of the toy. At $69.95 direct from Aneros it’s a bit pricey to be so insubstantial, so before diving in I do caution you to consider whether it’s worth it to you. I’ll be coming back to this review to update with info as I get more familiar with it, but in the meantime you can grab one from Aneros!