Anal Toys: A Guide By Mr. Will

There’s no doubt about it…. Getting into anal play and anal toys can be quite confusing… It doesn’t have to be though. This guide should get you more acquainted with the different anal accoutrements available to you!

Types Of Anal Toys

Anal Beads

Vixen Creations Smokey Onyx Small Gemstones Anal Beads

Vixen Creations Smokey Onyx Small Gemstones Anal Beads

Anal beads are a “string” of beads or spheres designed to be inserted into your ass and then tugged out at different speeds and times to get different effects. Some people love anal beads for the popping sensation they can provide, some love the feeling of fullness and different levels of stimulation they can achieve just by pulling a little harder or softer.

You should steer clear of anal beads that are just beads on a string because the string can harbor nasty bacteria and detritus (see: santorum, micro-shit particles, stains).

When possible, opt for silicone anal beads. There are other safe materials but I’ve found silicone to be the safest. An example of anal beads is Vixen Gemstones Anal Beads.

Butt Plugs

Njoy Pure Plug Large In Hand For Size Comparison

Butt Plug – Njoy Pure Plug Large In Hand For Size Comparison

Butt plugs are even simpler… Take a comfortably insertable shape (think conically shaped) and add a slim neck and safe base (don’t want to end up in an E.R. story about search and retrieve operations!) and you’ve got pretty much every butt plug ever invented.

Reasons most people wear/enjoy butt plugs:

  • Sensation of fullness in men,
  • pressure on the prostate
  • Better anal muscle control
  • To relax and stretch the ass before anal sex


Your reasons may vary, but the basic idea is the same. Take an object and insert it to both fill your ass and to hold it open. You should opt for silicone, ABS plastic, metal, crystal, or other non-porous materials. If you don’t know whether something is non-porous, feel free to ask!  An example of butt plugs is Je Joue Nuo Vibrating Butt Plug.

Anal Probes

Tantus Ripple Small

Tantus Ripple Small

Anal probes are often similar to anal beads (bulges and textures), but with a firm core instead of a string. This allows for directed internal stimulation. They can also be found with no texture for those that enjoy the feeling of something slipping in and out without the extra textures.

Anal probes come in all different sizes and designs, so there is sure to be something for everyone. Be sure to look for phthalate free materials and a safe base though, as some toys sold for anal use aren’t safe at all.  Stay away from jelly and pvc; look for silicone, steel, crystal, ABS plastic, and glass probes (again, if you are curious if something is safe, ask!)

An example of an anal probe is the Tantus Cowboy.

Enemas and Douches

Enema Kit

Enema Kit

Enemas and douches aren’t typically thought of as anal “toys”, but some folks love the fullness made possible by filling the rectum with fluid and others enjoy being squeaky clean. There are all sorts of kits available to introducing anal douching and enemas, so if you are interested in trying them do some research and dive in!

Prostate Massagers

The Lelo Billy prostate massager. (Clicking this will take you direct to a product page!)

The Lelo Billy prostate massager. (Clicking this will take you direct to a product page!)

Prostate massagers are amazing for guys that have gotten comfortable with backdoor play, or guys looking to do so. The purpose of a prostate massager is to have an insertable shape that is ergonomically designed to stimulate the prostate.  Again, there are all sorts of shapes and sizes and a lot of other sex toys are wonderful for hitting the prostate. Make sure whatever you use is either long enough to keep from being lost internally or has a safe base, and make sure to use safe materials!  Check out my favorite prostate massagers here.

The Most Important Anal Accessory? Lube

Sliquid Silver


It’s simple… you want to push an object into a bodily orifice that is a little bit tight… Lube.

When it comes to anal play, you should always use more lube than you think would be necessary to keep from injuring yourself (and to make things feel more pleasurable.

Water based lubes, silicone based lubes, and oil based lubes are all perfectly safe for anal play… but you should steer clear of numbing agents (Anal-Eze type products), parabens (preservatives that have xenoestrogenic activity and have been linked to breast cancer). If you are allergic to certain ingredients you should also check the ingredient list on lubes for allergens that cause reactions in your body.


The Vixen Creations Mustang on scarlet background

The Vixen Creations Mustang on scarlet background

And of course, dildos. Dildos come in every shape size and material you can imagine, and someone could easily spend days extolling the virtues of different types for different purposes. The biggest points to remember for anal dildos?

Make sure it has a safe base and make sure it is a safe material. Don’t play with cheap jelly toys that can burn you, or toys that look nice but could get lost in your butt.  An example of what you should be checking out is the Mustang by Vixen Creations.

Anal Toys: In Conclusion

Whether you are just delving into the world of sex toys or a seasoned veteran, anal play and anal toys don’t have to be confusing, dangerous, or painful. If you are willing to put in the time, research and effort, your ass is literally your oyster… Waiting to be cracked open for all the pleasure it contains. If you in the market for anal toys, check out Mr. Will’s Shop Of Thrills Anal Toys section and ask some questions (excuse the less than safe toys, still culling the offering).