10 Awesome Aphrodisiacs

I’ve wanted to toss something up about aphrodisiac foods for a while… Here it is!

Let’s be real serious for a second…. Food? Food is awesome. Food tastes good, food stimulates the reward centers in your brain, food is amazing.

So too, is sex. So… what about foods that can increase libido or make for better sex? What about those aphrodisiacs you’ve heard so much about?

Well, here’s a quick run down on 10 awesome aphrodisiac foods (in no particular order)!

Awesome Aphrodisiac Food: Oysters

10 awesome aphrodisiacs oysters image

I’m personally not a fan, but….

Oysters are one of the most commonly listed foods when folks are discussing aphrodisiacs, but why? For some it’s the taste. The science minded think it’s amino acids. Don’t know much about picking oysters out? This Playboy write up might help.

Awesome Aphrodisiac Food: Watermelon

10 awesome aphrodisiacs watermelon chunks with a plastic fork

Yep, watermelon!

Juicy, sweet watermelon nabs a spot in my list of 10 aphrodisiacs for sure! In 2008 Dr. Bhimu Patil published research showing that watermelon’s high levels of citrulline. Citrulline is converted to arginine, which has a Viagra like effect on the body.

Awesome Aphrodisiac Food: Pine Nuts

10 awesome aphrodisiacs pinenuts

Pine nuts!

Pine nuts are considered an aphrodisiac food for their high levels of zinc. Zinc can help the male bodied to boost their testosterone (I take a zinc supplement daily for this specific reason). It can also supposedly can increase clitoral sensitivity, but I can’t find the studies saying this.

Awesome Aphrodisiac Food: Spicy Peppers

10 awesome aphrodisiac foods: spicy peppers

All about that ‘saicin. (Capsaicin, that is).

That burn in your mouth caused by capsaicin? Can also lead to some burnin’ desire, earning spicy peppers residence on my 10 Awesome Aphrodisiacs list. That heat you feel in your body and the blood flow? They can only make sex better.

Awesome Aphrodisiac Food: Garlic

10 awesome aphrodisiacs garlic

The breath might not help but….

Garlic isn’t something you necessarily want on your breath, but for some people the arginine in garlic can lead to a Viagra-like effect. Just brush your teeth first if your partner isn’t up for the garlic breath.

Awesome Aphrodisiac Food: Chocolate

10 awesome aphrodisiacs chocolate

You just knew this would be on the list, huh?

A lot of research says that there is no scientific cause for chocolate to work as an aphrodisiac, meaning any aphrodisiac effects of chocolate are likely to be placebo. With that in mind, if it works who cares about the science?

Awesome Aphrodisiac Food: Strawberries

10 awesome aphrodisiacs strawberries

Who doesn’t like the juice of a plump, red strawberry?

Strawberries had to make the list for a few reasons:

They are loaded with good stuff for your body including Vitamin C, folic acid, and iron. Nutrients are good for the body.

Feeding a partner a ripe juicy strawberry? That’s damn sexy.

Strawberries and chocolate. You’re welcome.

Awesome Aphrodisiac Food: Ginger

awesome aphrodisiacs ginger

It isn’t just for figging….

Ginger’s scent arouses some folks and it has a tendency to increase circulation, earning ginger a sure spot on our list!

Awesome Aphrodisiac Food: Honey

aphrodisiac foods honey

Honey… Amazing.

According to http://pumpauthority.com/hgh-supplements-for-sale/, honey has boron in it, which is thought to have an effect on hormone regulation (testosterone and estrogen, for instance) and can lead to an increase in nitric oxide. Besides… Honey is just fun to lick off of… Someone.

Awesome Aphrodisiac Food: Avocado

awesome aphrodisiac foods avocado

Yup, the lovely alligator pear!

Besides being loaded with healthy fats that can help increase testosterone levels, the word avocado comes from a Nahuatl Indian (Aztec) word “ahuácatl” meaning testicle. I find the feel and taste of avocado kind of sexy… so here we are!

Aphrodisiacs Of Your Own?

I’ll be showing off some aphrodisiac laden recipes in the coming weeks, but in the meantime:

What foods or drinks get your motor ready to run?